OSAKA 1st Day

Arena Tour Osaka first day was all about Jungshin’s new hair cut which surprise everyone (the author included) due to this the shortest hairdo Jungshin’s ever has since debuted and actually his long hair already became his signature.
For today’s the boys put more sticker tattoo than in the previous show.
Yonghwa wore red T-shirt and (as usual) he rolled up its sleeves, showed off his left shoulder and wrist tattoo.
Jonghyun put his tattoo on his right upper arm and left collarbone.
Minhyuk on right neck while Jungshin on left wrist.
This show too, Yonghwa danced so many times on his own ways. The amusing one was at the Have a Good Night, Yonghwa approached Jonghyun and asked to danced together. Jonghyun then followed Yonghwa’s steps strangely, still with playing his guitar and Yonghwa commented in laugh, “its looks like an aerobic steps!”

“Osaka I love you so,” said Yonghwa using Osaka dialect.
“Indeed.” Added Jonghyun still with Osaka dialect and he went on, “this stage is special for today only so you all quite lucky.”
“I cut of my hair,” said Jungsin.
“At first I saw Jungshin’s new hairdo at our Kakao, I thought he was Yonghwa.” Explained Minhyuk.
“I was shocked when I saw him, ” added Jonghyun.
“Actually I prefer to his previous one.” Commented Yonghwa.
“I was challenge for you guys.” Said Jungshin with bitter smile.
“Which one do you prefer guys, last or new one?” Yonghwa asked Boices.
Unfortunately many Boices prefer to the last one.
“Last one?? Ahh so sad…” Said Jungshin.
“Jungshin, you wasting yourself.” Commented Jonghyun and roared with laughter.

*Jungshin’s new hair cut song *
‘Yesterday I saw Jungshin’s new picture but I was surprise; because ohh he has changed his hairdo!? A little scary? Or cute? Cute isn’t it? Jungshin’s hair, Jungshin’s hair dadari didadadu.’ Then Yonghwa singing in whisper face to face with Jungshin. He looked embarrassed but Yonghwa kept on singing and even poked Jungshin’s chin. In the end Yonghwa asked Jungshin to sing.

Jungshin sang, ‘now days my hairdo twined with Yonghwa.’
‘Yes you are, why do you do?’ Replied Yonghwa. It was another scene tha both Jungshin and Yonghwa danced on their own way. Yonghwa rounded around and asked Minhyuk to sing.
Shockingly Minhyuk sang, ‘Jungshin’s hair didn’t look cool than before!’
Honestly Minhyuk and Jungshin look strange sat down without any instrument on their hand but mic, only Jonghyun had acoustic guitar to be played with Yonghwa’s ad-lib song.
“Thanks to all of you guys. Because of you, we’re able to stand in this stage.” Said Jonghyun.

“We had plenty individual activities recently but from now on we will keep on working hard to do our music. So just stand by and walk along with us.” Added Yonghwa.
During the last encore, Kimio, there was quite long pause, where Jonghyun took pictures with his own iPhone. He took Yonghwa and Boices picture.
“Aahhh cool, you are all so cool! We will playing here again tomorrow so it isn’t the last song. But please sing together with us.” Asked Jonghyun.
“Aahhh cool!” Surprise Yonghwa after choir of Kimio Jonghyun’s accapella part. Jonghyun took another selca right after Kimio ended.

*Author’s Note*

In this update, rather than focusing on one after one song I more to their talking time yet I have to say sorry too, if there any missed in their talking above cause I almost can’t read my notes! The set list also the same just an exception on third song which they replaced Just Please with Tattoo. The same crowd and enthusiasm!

Rough Translation and Summaries by Akira

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms

Photo Source Fncmusicjapan@twitter


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