OSAKA 2nd Day

The set list almost the same of the first day show just added Let’s Go Crazy after Teardrops In The Rain and double encore, surprisingly
“Osaaakaaa!!!” Shouted Yonghwa on the opening show, Come On.
“Let’s go Osaka!!” Yelled Jonghyun at Get Away.
Tattoo, Hey You and Love played consecutively.
“Osaka, do you enjoying? Let’s be exciting ’till the end! Change the atmosphere right now, please listen to our ballad numbers.” Asked Yonghwa before Y,Why.
Here Jungshin changed into black 5 strings bass. During Feeling, Yonghwa played keyboard and as usual in his first part Jungshin always gazed at Yonghwa with arm crossed. Yonghwa counted for Jonghyun’s These Days singing.
“It’s also fun today, I always had something here, (on These Days), you all really cool!” Said Jonghyun while These Days ended. Jonghyun mentioned about London live and Yonghwa had set up head mic and said through it, “then, let’s be more exciting with our rock and I’m a good dancer.”
“Ahh yes, you’re good at dancing,” responded Jonghyun.
“Guys have a good night???” Party time had started by Yonghwa’s question. Have a Good Night followed by Wake Up where Yonghwa and Jonghyun repeated aerobic’s steps!
Blue Sky as always into the boysband time. The boys left their instruments. Honestly the other boys looked strange without instruments on their hands. Jonghyun did strangely small waved hand.

“Osaka is still takoyaki,” said Yonghwa when they’re preparing for ad-lib song.
“Takoyaki song,” added Jonghyun as he start to play some keys and Yonghwa thinking a while.
“Well then, the tittle is… Takotakotakoyaki sukiyanen.” Concluded Yonghwa and start singing.

* Takoyaki song*
Oh no ~
Live mae takoyaki tebeta
Oh~ mecha oushi
Itsumo Osaka dewa takoyaki
Live ga owatte nani wo taberu ka?
Yappari takoyaki
Takoyaki sukiyanen
Mecha sukiyanen
(Yonghwa sang in whisper)
Saikou tako tako takoyaki mecha sukiyanen
Oh, live ga owatte takoyaki tako say takoyaki, tako, tako, yappari osaka mecha sukiyanen
Oh, kyou wa takoyaki ga tabetai oh my god
tako, tako, takoyaki daisuki
Takoyaki mecha umai oh my god
(Yonghwa approached Minhyuk and asked him to sing after and Minhyuk sang: )
Takoyaki Jungshin wa niteiru
(Jungshin disguised himself as tako=octopus by his hands and made funny facial expression. Jonghyun roared with laughter when heard and saw that. Minhyuk stood up and together with Yonghwa, both of them approached Jungshin and rounding around him. Minhyuk even did rapping!)

Tako, tako, tako.
(Yonghwa continued)
Oh~ takoyaki arigato gozaimasu ~nagai~
Ad-lib kangaete nae
Jonghyun kept playing guitar even Yonghwa giving up on singing.
“You always played a good song.” Said Yonghwa to Jonghyun.
Actually Jonghyun also sang but quite short part, ‘takoyaki, takoyaki’ that’s all.
“How was Niigata song, a Koshihikari song.” Yonghwa went on asking Jonghyun.
“I don’t remember…. Ahh like this??” Jonghyun seemed remember and replayed the Koshihikari song’s key. Along side Jonghyun’s guitar Yonghwa sang ‘Koshi, koshi, koshihikari~’

*english trans*
I like takotakotakoyaki (Osaka dialect)
Oh no~
We were eaten takoyaki before live
It was tasty
Osaka is always takoyaki
What we will eat after live?
Still takoyaki
I like takoyaki
Tako, tako, takoyaki is the best
I like so much
Oh~ Takoyaki after live, say takoyaki, tako, tako, still at Osaka, I like so much
Oh~ today, I wanna eat takoyaki oh my god
I love tako tako takoyaki
It’s pretty tasty oh my god
Takoyaki is Jungshin twin
Tako, tako, takoyaki
Oh~ takoyaki thank you … Too long
I have no ad-lib anymore

When boysband time ended and they get back to the main stage, Jonghyun threw out many guitar pics.
“Quite fun, I’ve heard if Osaka people is hot, today is indeed hot!! Not the weather but all of you guys!!!” Said Jonghyun.
Yonghwa approached Jonghyun who still played his guitar but suddenly he reach out Yonghwa’s hand and hold it tightly and saying, “great! Osaka is amazing.”

Yonghwa danced through the runaway and Jonghyun followed his step on Love Girl. And again, Jungshin went down to the audiences floor, they looked quite enjoy themselves on each other part.
Kimio interval (again and over again,) Jonghyun took pictures, firstly, Yonghwa and Jungshin on the center from the main stage. Then Minhyuk joined in.

“Yonghwa, what do you feel? Is this a miracle?” Asked Jonghyun, he seemingly touched with the whole surrounding, he often rolled his eyes to enjoy the scene.
“I can’t explained,” replied Yonghwa.
“Guys, today we made a good live together, didn’t it? You’re great indeed! Please sing together, sang after me,” Asked Jonghyun then he sang first part Kimio a capella n Boices choir after him.
“Ahh great….” Said Jonghyun. As soon as Kimio ended they gather together and discussing something.
“We can’t win over you guys so we will sing but please sing it altogether with us!” Unfortunately staff already took their instruments off the stage.
“Staff are surprised!!” Surprised Yonghwa.
Jonghyun asked to the staff his accoustic guitar, while waiting for the Jonghyun’s guitar ready, Yongwha played his own guitar randomly. As wrote above, then Osaka second days concluded by as a special song who unlisted before.

*Author’s Note*
Boys parroted Japanese/Osaka gag but Hana can’t make up to find a way to translate and understand it by english reader (author too hard to understand it) so I omit.
Special thanks as always goes to Hana who did very good summaries and translating, especially in Takoyaki song which was quite long.

Rough Translation and Summaries by Hana

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms

Photo Sources Fncmusicjapan@twitter

External Link wikipedia 


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