The tiny feet
Stepping slowly under the heat
Lead for his father
And smiling though sweat fall bead in his face

The tiny feet
Walking through the street
Miles away
And keep it on though life just too cruel for the innocent

The tiny feet
Sometimes stopping to take breathe
Under the tree
And gazing up to the sky above

The tiny feet
He never know how his life supposed to be
Just like the other
And never find a friend but his lovely old father

The tiny feet
Stood up and walking along the side street
Beside his father
And keep on going though his inside screaming

The tiny feet
Still walking and stepping away
Filling his fate
And trying to find another space above

The blue sky

posted by @tara_lee26


3 thoughts on “TINY FEET

  1. dark fairy tale? 🙂
    remind me to paramore’s song called intro-ignorance..
    the different is you talk about little boy while that song told about little girl with her daddy…
    but i like this..

    • actually this is the real story I met while I went back home not long ago. He just 5 years old baby boy but everyday led his father and walk through the street miles away. They were set off and went back home on the next day. Both by foot.

      • i saw something like that too in bandung. one little girl, one baby boy, and a skinny middle age woman.
        they seems on their way back home, the mommy walk while pulling a cart with full of stuffs, the baby sitting in the cart, and the little girl help her mother by pushing the cart from behind.
        i posted pict of them on my old blog, a friend said, “it’s just a reality, a very cruel reality for kids like them”

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