Night comes along with the wind
Can you see the light above there
Smiling in bright and sparkling in gaze
With tiny wink melting the icy heart
Snow flakes dropping along with the cold
Do you see how beautiful it is?
Snowy blue rain in golden twilight
With a small swaying calling up for accompany
Ah… The star and the snow come along as friend
Wiping away those teardrops
Sweeping away those lonelliness
Hey, do you realize it?

Posted by @tara_lee26


The wind blowing
Calling out the memories
Taking the pain out of the flesh
It’s just the kind of another misery
When the breezy swept my face
Deliver the past I wanna leaved
The wind coming
Offtering a different day of love
Giving a new day of romance
But itl stuck in mind
When the swaying cloud hanging on
Keeping the story in my memory, still

posted by @tara_lee26