The curfew has breaking
Roared of siren stabbing ears
The light soared blinding eyes
In the distance, a voice of praying
Remembering the God
Praising his power, begging of his mercy
That voice comes along with the bangs
Demolished the shelters
Spreading the smoke

The curfew has breaking
Children are crying
Wifes are hugging unmoved husbands
The smile has ruined
And the wound already scratch
There will no more a happy family
As the flesh scattered
And blood flooding
While those fires keep on banging terroring the silent night

The curfew has breaking
Everyone moving
Reaching each others hands
There are faint body
And the dead lying icy
People rushed in help
As the children hurting
And women dying
They know nothing and do anything
So why do they have to be suffering

The curfew has breaking
Everyone wants its freedom
Everyone needs space to breathe
But the air is dusty
By the pieces of the ruined soul
The wind blowing dry
Deliver a desperate wish
Why do people can’t live side by side in peace?
Gather together in harmony?

The curfew has breaking once more

posted by @tara_lee26