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Photo Source chiqchoq en.korea

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There several notices about Sizhuoka’s live. First of all of course the ad-libs song, who according to the local people has many specialties. So I guess many boices that night were wondering what the theme song for Sizhuoka’s live. The second was tattoo that like the ad-libs song who getting longer live after live. Boy’s tattoo has the same, although only Yonghwa and Jonghyun who put it a lot on their body.

Y,Why today was replaced by Rain of Blessing and it was perfect replacement. Rain of Blessing, Feeling and These Days were played consecutively and once again, it really something unspeakable. The songs, the way they performed it and boices responded made the whole venue just perfect. As usual too, in the Yonghwa’s solo at Feeling, it was only Jungshin who gazing at him and pay fully attention on it while Jonghyun busying himself on the back and Minhyuk simply resting and wiped his sweat out.

There was something funny while they sang Blue Sky, Yonghwa had shown Minhyuk his tattoo with pleasant look but Minhyuk seemed scared instead!

And when they about to sing a local song, boys asked boice for what theme they had to sing.

“There quite a bit many familiar things in Shizuoka.” Said Minhyuk at that time.

“I ate unagi pie,” added Jungshin.

“So, it still about unagi pie isn’t it?” Asked Yonghwa.

“Fujiyama? What the better Jonghyun?” Suggested Minhyuk.

“Anything okay because I’m genius!” Bragged Yonghwa.

“Ah… Before you started, I have a problem. Today I have idea no more, what should I play?” Jonghyun asked some ideas.

“You can find yourself.” Replied Yonghwa.

And Jonghyun started playing a breezy melody with his accoustic guitar. A song that may reflect Shizuoka.

Unagi Song

Oh unagi pie tabeta
Ocha mo nomi mashita
Shizuoka wa gotouchi gourmet ga ippai desune
Unagi pie unagi pie
Ocha ocha
Minasan ocha shinai?
Minasan zenbu tabeta
Fujisan ikimashou
Genki ni naritainda
Shizuoka gotouchi gourmet ga ippai desune
Oh daisuki
Oh… Oh… Minhyuk onegai shimasu

Unagi pie, unagi pie, unagi pie,
Ocha shinai, ocha shinai, ocha shinai

Tsugi wa Jungshin

Shizuoka daisuki
Unagi pie mo arunda
Fujiyama, Fujiyama yappari yappari daisuki

Mata kitai Shizuoka
Ah arigato
Mata kitai
Live de aimashou

English Trans/Eel Pie Song

Oh we were eaten eel pie
We were also drunk green tea
Shizuoka has a lot of local cuisines
Eel pie, eel pie
Green tea, green tea
Do you wanna have a cup of tea with me?
Guys lets eat all of it
And let’s go to Mt Fuji
I wanna be lighten up
Shizuoka has a lots of local cuisines
Oh I love it
Minhyuk please

Eel pie, eel pie, eel pie
Have a cup of tea, have a cup of tea, have a cup of tea

Next is Jungshin

Shizuoka I love it
There even an eel pie
Fujiyama, Fujiyama still, still I love it

I wanna come to Shizuoka once again
Oh thanks
I wanna come again
Lets meet at our live next time

Minhyuk, even though his singing part was quite short but boices could hear his gentle and clear voice. While Jungshin seemed more free and enjoyed himself with his powerful voice and Yonghwa did vocal backing to him. Jungshin even stood up during his ad-libs singing part, meanwhile Minhyuk did it with a little embrassement and stayed on his chair still.

In the night show, Jonghyun reveal how much his thankful he was to boices who support them.
“Fans are so awesome!!! Great.” Said Yonghwa to Jonghyun and he went on praising Jungshin’s hair by saying, ‘your hair is awesome too.’
‘Ah thanks.’ Replied Jungshin.
‘Honestly, Shizuoka is quite distance from Hiroshima. We’re come here by bus, thanks for coming in such a distant.” Said Jonghyun.
“But the view is outstanding.” Added Jungshin.

Tom and Jerry fight also shown that night. It was Jonghyun who insist that Jungshin’s new hair cut is completely in waste. Saying the truth, Jungshin’s messy short look make him looked younger than his previous appearance but seemingly Jonghyun did not have the same thought!

Another were during encore, at the Love Revolution time, Jungshin came to Jonghyun and stood behind without Jonghyun noticed that Jungshin raised his bass pretending to bat Jonghyun’s head. And once Jonghyun notice it, he pushed Jungshin away and roared with laughter when saw Jungshin’s staggered.

Tom and Jerry fight just one of the hilarious thing on that night, because Yonghwa also did’t want lose laugh from the other two. At the last song, Jonghyun asked boices to sing along, Yonghwa moved and parroted conductor at the center stage. Yonghwa also mae Jungshin stop singing and laughing instead by his amusing movement.

When Yonghwa reveal that the remaining show left for Saitama only, both Minhyuk and Jonghyun responded they want to do live more, Jonghyun even said that he wants to do twice times than he did this time. At last, Jonghyun took selca twice and said,

“we’re all made a happy live together, aren’t we??”

What moved was he also said that CNBLUE loves standing at the stage more than anything.

Shizuoka was one of the witness on how both the boys and boices make one unity and had some fun time together.

Rough Translation and Summaries by Yui

Unagi Song by Hana

Photo Source FNC Ent

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Jung Yonghwa on Singles

It might shocking to all emotional angels but our leader just shown the different side of him. No more hot guy or sweet cool city guy, believe me  these pictures you need examined first before you screamed oud loud!!!

Jung Yonghwa on Old Fashioned Military Look!! (for me personally he looked like vampire, maybe half-vampire??)

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Photo credit justjyh chiqchoq en.korea

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Lee Jung Shin for KBS Magazine – K-Wave

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He is last among CNBLUE’s 4 members to become an actor.
He once performed on the streets of Japan, before he debuted as a member of CNBLUE.
Now he has started his acting career in the Korean drama “Seoyoung, My Daughter”.
He is constantly challenged himself by trying new things. K-wave caught up with him at his film set.

Let’s Go Out! To the World! And Into the Space, Perhaps!

When “K-wave” met with Lee Jung-Shin in the waiting room of KBS2 TV Drama “Seoyoung,My Daughter”, he was drinking banana-flavored milk while waiting for his next scene. He just returned from Japan on an early morning flight. The night before he had performed with CNBLUE.

He said it seems that the world is getting smaller for the group. In September, the group held its first concert in England, the birthplace of Rock, under the title “CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON”.

“It was far beyond my expectations. I felt proud and happy to know that people half-way around the world listen to our music , which is 11 hours away by airplane. I expected many Korean people would come out but actually most of them were European. They were passionate so I really enjoyed performing there. It was an extraordinary experience.”

Since their debut, CNBLUE has attracted many with their extraordinary performance skill, which is second to none even on the world stage. After debuting with the song “I’m Loner”, it took only two weeks to grab the number one spot on all kinds of music charts in Korea. Their simple and addictive melody made many people mutter “I’m Loner”.

“I was so overwhelmed at the time. After our debut, so much attention has been drown to our group. Because of that, we learned to how to control our emotions and tried to be careful with what we say. And we also try to look around us and listen to others.”

“I was very interested in acting before I started a career in earnest. I have a very tight concert schedule but I have great affection toward acting. Of course, becoming an actor not as easy as you might think. So, I .am having some difficult times at the moments.(laugh)”
He confessed he auditioned several times before he was cast in “Seoyoung,My Daughter”. Even though he suffered setbacks, he said his past failures gave him a momentum to be better prepared.

Team leader YongHwa started his acting carrer with “You’re Beautiful” . He was the first among the group members to start an acting career, followed  by the successful debuts of Jong Hyun with “Gentleman’s Dignity” and Min Hyuk in “My Husband Got a Family”.

“Because I am the last among the group members to start an actor career, I am more enthusiastic about make my acting career successful. Because other group members were well received for their skill, I do feel a little burdened”.

Acting and singing have something in common :: performed in fronts of cameras. But it is no easy to chase two rabbits at once.

“I like both singing and acting because they are creative. When it comes to music, I can see all of what I prepared right on the stage, but I can’t wait when it comes to acting. They are different field. But what is more important anything else in my attitude. So I often renew my resolve before acting”.


Focus On Oneself

” Because I love to dress well, I am very intereted in photography. I often change my hair style and try on different clothes to transform myself with a unique look. If a photo comes our well, it makes me smile. I look forward to having more modeling opportunities in the future.”

Lee Jung-Shin has as many facial expression as he has ambitions. When asked what he will become 10 years from now, he said he would remain Lee Jung-Shin of CNBLUE. But he added that CNBLUE will try its best to perform better music, at the same time all its member enjoy their own acting careers.

“First of all, I hope to earn more recognition as a musician, which is my calling. And I am going too improve my acting skills step by step. If I take on too many challenges at once, I might feel overwhelmed. But I am always prepared for modeling photo shoot.(laughs) ”

Lee Jung-Shin’s high-spirited nature, his lofty goals, and his devotion to improving his abilities are sure to lead him to achieve great things in the year to come. Why not?  He is now 22 years old.

Lee Jungshin for Marie Claire Magazine

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Member of boy band CNBlue Lee Jung Shin shot some pictures for the fashion and beauty magazine “Marie Claire.”

Many might see the singer as a current working model as his allure and pose suited the pictorial shooting very well. His smooth skin and charming looks looked even better in close-up photos.

The shoot was done after their Japanese arena tour concert. It was reported that more than 100,000 fans came in to see the band perform and that tickets were sold out early in advance. Even with all the busy schedules to catch up on, Lee Jung Shin sai that he is “happiest right now.”

Lee Jung Shin is widely known to be a fashionista, and his interest in fashion was clearly seen during the shoot as he was curious in all the designs and quality of the clothes he was wearing. With a huge smiley face, he said, “I really like to shoot fashion pictorials” and worked until early morning.

Many more of his pictures can be seen in the December issue of “Marie Claire.”

 KBS Magazine   chiqchoq en.korea via kbspr via Instagram

Marie Claire Magazinjaneyin2u @soompi  paris0915

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CNBLUE for InStyle Magazine December Issue

The time set to meet CNBLUE was 10 PM. When we notified the schedule, the staff confirmed again in surprise, “Not AM but PM?”

But no one could complain about the late schedule. CNBLUE had just arrived at Incheon from a 30-hour flight, coming straight to the set after just taking a shower. We rather felt sorry for CNBLUE members before the photoshoot.

The reason CNBLUE decided to stand in front of “Instyle”‘s camera instead of laying their tired bodies in bed, is to show that the “musician CNBLUE” is still strong before their concert in December.
3 years since debut, CNBLUE’s members, starting with Jung Yong Hwa, have all officially become actors with quite successfull initiations.
Jung Yong Hwa, with “You’re Beautiful” and “Heartstrings” first earned the title as an actor, then the drummer Kang Min Hyuk in “My Husband Has a Family”, guitarist Lee Jong Hyun in “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, and recently, even bassist Lee Jung Shin is starring in “My Daughter Seoyoung”.
They’re now an “actor-dol group” through and through.

But as they became vigorous actors, some definitely worry about their fewer band activities. That’s why CNBLUE’s members are happy about an occasion such as today, to show their side as a band.
Ever since debut, thanks(?) to their tall height and great looks, CNBLUE often faced doubts or misconceptions about their musical ability.
But quite amazingly, they didn’t waver to surrounding atmosphere and continued to prove their abilities through live performances.
Because they had such a firm principle that their music never comes after their non-music related activities, they secured their fans’ trust despite shifting their presence on TV and stage.

CNBLUE will hold their concert on Dec. 15 and 16, titled “Blue Night”. They achieved an amazing record of selling out all 8000 seats in 10 minutes. CNBLUE’s very much looking forward to meeting many fans from all over the country.
“Even if same people perform at the same place, depending on lights or set, completely different atmospheres can be created. So I’m paying attention to every little detail. But the most important factor would be the performer on stage. No matter how careful the preparations were, if any one of us make a mistake, it can ruin the concert.”
Leader Jung Yong Hwa emphasized multiple times that it’s the members who have the most important roles.

But he’s confident of their coordination. It comes from their teamwork, and they’ve never once worried about the teamwork between the members who are closer than family.
No matter how natural and nice the descriptor “actor-dol” sounds, they never forget their real position is musicians. They want to show improvement after each concert; that’s why this concert makes them excited.

Though they tried acting and may challenge many different fields in the future, CNBLUE members share the goal of working harder and longer as a band.
That’s the reason why they didn’t want any one member to stand out or be exceptional.
Then, the winner among CNBLUE members, who don’t dream of being more popular than one another, must be all four of them.


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Article Source chiqchoq  en.korea  

Credit to 출처) 트윗 r댄디용화‏@cnblue_r, justjyh

Trans by Heich

Photo Credit @saturnkr

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