CNBLUE for InStyle Magazine December Issue

The time set to meet CNBLUE was 10 PM. When we notified the schedule, the staff confirmed again in surprise, “Not AM but PM?”

But no one could complain about the late schedule. CNBLUE had just arrived at Incheon from a 30-hour flight, coming straight to the set after just taking a shower. We rather felt sorry for CNBLUE members before the photoshoot.

The reason CNBLUE decided to stand in front of “Instyle”‘s camera instead of laying their tired bodies in bed, is to show that the “musician CNBLUE” is still strong before their concert in December.
3 years since debut, CNBLUE’s members, starting with Jung Yong Hwa, have all officially become actors with quite successfull initiations.
Jung Yong Hwa, with “You’re Beautiful” and “Heartstrings” first earned the title as an actor, then the drummer Kang Min Hyuk in “My Husband Has a Family”, guitarist Lee Jong Hyun in “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, and recently, even bassist Lee Jung Shin is starring in “My Daughter Seoyoung”.
They’re now an “actor-dol group” through and through.

But as they became vigorous actors, some definitely worry about their fewer band activities. That’s why CNBLUE’s members are happy about an occasion such as today, to show their side as a band.
Ever since debut, thanks(?) to their tall height and great looks, CNBLUE often faced doubts or misconceptions about their musical ability.
But quite amazingly, they didn’t waver to surrounding atmosphere and continued to prove their abilities through live performances.
Because they had such a firm principle that their music never comes after their non-music related activities, they secured their fans’ trust despite shifting their presence on TV and stage.

CNBLUE will hold their concert on Dec. 15 and 16, titled “Blue Night”. They achieved an amazing record of selling out all 8000 seats in 10 minutes. CNBLUE’s very much looking forward to meeting many fans from all over the country.
“Even if same people perform at the same place, depending on lights or set, completely different atmospheres can be created. So I’m paying attention to every little detail. But the most important factor would be the performer on stage. No matter how careful the preparations were, if any one of us make a mistake, it can ruin the concert.”
Leader Jung Yong Hwa emphasized multiple times that it’s the members who have the most important roles.

But he’s confident of their coordination. It comes from their teamwork, and they’ve never once worried about the teamwork between the members who are closer than family.
No matter how natural and nice the descriptor “actor-dol” sounds, they never forget their real position is musicians. They want to show improvement after each concert; that’s why this concert makes them excited.

Though they tried acting and may challenge many different fields in the future, CNBLUE members share the goal of working harder and longer as a band.
That’s the reason why they didn’t want any one member to stand out or be exceptional.
Then, the winner among CNBLUE members, who don’t dream of being more popular than one another, must be all four of them.


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Article Source chiqchoq  en.korea  

Credit to 출처) 트윗 r댄디용화‏@cnblue_r, justjyh

Trans by Heich

Photo Credit @saturnkr

Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms decoded


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