Dont be shock by the tittle, because I was so shock too when first time I saw the picture. Some days ago my fellow boice had shocked me with Jungshin’s twin and today Yonghwa and Jungshin shared a selca with almost the same face and hair style! Though I don’t know whether it was the real their hair style, I mean without they straighten up or curling instead, but the two of them just look like sibling. And as boice best known Yonghwa has strong affection toward Jungshin. Yonghwa text after his picture was

Hello it’s me Yonghwa kk thehehe .. Jungshin did hair like mine.. indeed I’m your role model,kk we are preparing for concert now! kk Ah, it’s 2 weeks away from concert! Ah we are nervous too.. Kkk hehe everyone be careful not to catch cold! Wear warm clothes !!!

And these photos also reveal that Jungshin has not only Yonghwa  who suit as his sibling!




Photo Source  

Twitter translate by Fizzy @cnbluestorm

Posted by blue plum blossoms decoded

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