saitama 1st day

Penultimate show for CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012 Come On had finally visit Saitama Super Arena, the biggest venue so far and full house one. According to the official release, it about 30.000 boices from all around the world gather together to have some fun time at the second last show (the show will extend on more night).

As usual, the show had begun by loud banging of firework and Yonghwa shouted out loud, “Come On!!”. Unfortunately, the excitement a bit defected by Jonghyun’s voice who seemed had issue on it. He often lowered down the note and sometimes his voice heard to be husky. However, his excitement during the show pretty enough to covering his flawn voice.

The boys looked quite excited right from the start of the show. Yonghwa had shout ‘Saitama’ for quite many times. Aside from their excitement, they were seem shown off their muscles except Jungshin who did differently to captivating the boices’s attentions by went down to audiences floor and did aegyo to the camera. Jonghyun wore black sleeveless T-shirt while both Yonghwa and Minhyuk rolled their sleeve up.

Their Rain of Blessing likely gives a real bless to the whole venue, Yonghwa and Jonghyun voice composition was perfect. During Feeling, Yonghwa’s husky mellow voice enchoed in silent through the hall, while Jonghyun said in smiling right after These Days,

“what a good song, this song is fun to sing.”

Looking back Jonghyun’s expression every time they had finish performed These Days, the song should be had secret meaning and story to him.

Dancing time!!! Honestly no need to wait until the dance songs to see they are all dancing. Yonghwa was the man in dancing and taught the other two on how to move. He did not only some amusing moves, he even shook his hip! Jonghyun was always poor and strange when follows what Yonghwa did and seemingly he completely fail being Jonghyun’s dance instructor! Meanwhile Jungshin did it easy and freely. Both of them, Yonghwa and Jungshin seemed over power ’till the end.

During Blue Sky they wore black jacket, the thing who usually Boices can seen in Korean stage. Without instruments on their hands, four of them just like real idol group. The only exception is they don’t do proper dance.

Jungshin and Minhyuk sang quite well for Blue Sky and Teardrops In The Rain. The different voice’s between Yonghwa, Jungshin and Jonghyun, Minhyuk had shown clearly and that was the most unique thing in CNBLUE. Minhyuk’s voice suit most with Jonghyun’s who beautifully sweet mellow while Jungshin’s had power as Yonghwa’s. Another sweet things that happened that night was when Jungshin reached his hand out to fix Jonghyun’s jacket collar.

For Saitama first day, ad-libs’s song theme was Gyudon which is known as CNBLUE’s Japanese favourite cuisine.

Jonghyun had played using minor key and Yonghwa sang it emotionally.

Gyudon Song

Oh~ Saitama~
Mukashi kara zutto gyudon tabeteta
Kyou mo asa gyudon tabeta
Mukashi niwa gyudon takai dato omotta
Ima wa~ dodesuka?
Takai katta~

Onaji kurai ja nai desuka?
Tabun onaji desuyo yeah!

Owari desuka?
Mijikai desune!
Yoshinoya a set, tsugi no live owattara Sukiya ikimashou
Daisuki gyudon

Ore mo!

Tsugi wa Jungshin

Kyou mo gyudon tabeta
Demo benishouga wa iya kirai

Boku mo!
Boku wa tsugi no gyudon Matsuya no kimchi gyudon


Ore wa uta dame

Mou ad-libs nai

Gyudon Song English Trans

Oh~ Saitama~

We had eaten gyudon since along ago
We were also eaten gyudon today
Gyudon was expensive
Nowdays, how do you think?
Pretty expensive~

I think still the same like before
Yeah may be still the same

Did you finish?
That was too short!
Yashinoya a set for after this live and let’s go to Sukiya
I love gyudon

Me too!

The next is Jungshin

I also ate gyudon today
But I don’t like beni-shouga

Me too!
I will recommend gyudon’s choice
Matsuya’s kimchi gyudon

That’s tasty

I can’t sing anymore

I have ad-libs no more


During singing the Gyudon song, Jonghyun not actually singing, he just saying a word while playing his guitar. And Jungshin, as usual he stood up and sang freely. After Jonghyun said ‘that’s tasty’, Yonghwa approached Minhyuk asked some singing suggestion. Unfortunately, Minhyuk gave up and so Yonghwa. Jonghyun responded with laugh before he stop his playing.

Took the boices back into their past were Now or Never and Voice who followed by the new track, With Me. Another fierce songs to settle the show into the end were Where You Are, One Time, Time Is Over.

Meanwhile, encore brings craziness and their power seem devoted only for the last four songs! Started with In My Head and followed by Love Girl and Love Revolution respectively then the show had really ended after the sang Kimio.

And as usual the boys seem divided Kimio become two-part due to the long interval Jongyun took selcas. He took Yonghwa and Jungshin at the centre stage, then he himself with Minhyuk at the main stage. At that time Minhyuk run to joined Yonghwa and Jungshin. The funny thing was right after Jonghyun took Yonghwa, Jungshin and Minhyuk picture he beckoned Minhyuk to come back to his drum set.

Another were Jungshin and Yonghwa who had shown brothers-like fight. Jungshin tried to hug Yonghwa but Yonghwa denied and pushed Jungshin back, that scene were repeatedly for several  times.

During Love Revolution, mostly rap part was sang by Jungshin which he made mistake there and just simply laughing then continue rapping.

Before they concluded the show Yonghwa said,

“the next song will be really the last song.”

And he pretended crying.

“What are you doing?” Asked Jonghyun.

“I’m an actor.” Replied Yongha. (????)

saitama 1st day2

At the end, Kimio conclusion was such an epic. The head banging and Minhyuk’s powerful drumming were great harmony especially on the outtro who was so man!!! Though Jonghyun said that he can’t make up himself to get his voice back and asked boices to help him instead. Of course boices gratefully answering his plead. About 30.00 poeple choir to Kimio conclusion, imagine that!!!

Rough Translation and Summaries by Hana and Yui

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms decoded

Photo credit FnC Ent

External link wikipedia


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