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At a time where K-pop changes course and where groups of idols which have saturated it disappear as quickly as they arrived, other groups have helped this change start and cannot currently express their musical preference without the fear of seeing their fans collapse or become uninterested. This is the case of pop-rock group CNBLUE. This focuses on the four young boys that emulate beyond the Korean borders.

CNBLUE is a pop-rock group made up of 4 young boys that debuted in 2009 under the FNC Music label.  When idol groups of the Hallyu wave expanded, CNBLUE appeared in the middle of the crowd. But they found their place in the hearts of fans. Here is a small recap of their career whether it is on the music scene or the small screen.

Atypical Beginning

Many of the groups appear to the public with teasers before launching a music video, but CNBLUE chose the streets of Tokyo to make themselves known. In 2009 before their official debut, they organized a series of street concerts where they sung songs only in English because they could not speak Japanese correctly.  But to make themselves known to the larger public, most notably in Korea, they had to submit to the protocol of the music industry. In January 2010, they made their official major debut at FNC Music, with a bunch of teasers revealing the members little by little until January 14, the date of their first single and MV, Alone. It rose to the top of the Korean charts, surpassing larger groups.

A Renewed Style

Only 4 months after their debut album, the group put out their second album by showing a softer and romantic image, Bluelove. They did not evolve [from the first album] because they are locked in a specific style of song. However, they showed the public that Korean rock is rich in color. CNBLUE finished year 2011 with their first solo concert.

cnblue france2

Conquest Of The World

2012 marked the largest turn in their career because it meant the beginning of their international career.They put out 4 singles, 2 Japanese albums (appeared on MTV Unplugged) and a Korean album.
But more than that they started (along with the rock group FT Island) on an international tour passing by the United States, and more recently, London, the birthplace of rock, on September 22.The first European concert was a true success.Then they returned to Japan for another series of concerts with attendance of over 100,000 people.

Surfing the Hallyu Wave

But how could a group of pop-rock Koreans with English influences rise up to the same level as the largest groups of the Hallyu wave? More than singers, they developed their image while surfing this culture wave and did not stay closed up in their role of rockers. Yonghwa, our charismatic leader, gained in popularity while playing in the dramas You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings and by appearing in public ads like for the Suit House. Jungshin appeared in 4-Minute’s Heart to Heart music video and recently played in the KBS drama, My Daughter Seoyoung, as well as appearing in magazines like Ceci. Jonghyun and Minhyuk have both played in dramas. By choosing to show their other talents, they have grown closer to the public. They are destined to become idols of Korean rock.

cnblue france3

Lee Jungshin

He is the bassist and maknae of the group [which means young person]. He joined the group during debut and replaced Kwang Jin after he left the group. He also became a rapper of the group. Besides being in the group CNBLUE, he is also a model and actor. He went to theater class before launching out as an actor.

Kang Minhyuk

[The scan is too dark to read. Sorry!]

Jung Yonghwa

This is the guitarist, lead singer, and leader of the group. In addition to singing, he is a composer and actor, making him a complete artist. He debuted as an actor in the drama You’re Beautiful gaining him a lot of popularity and bringing a lot of fans to the group, CNBLUE. This is the most popular member of the group ever since he played in Heartstrings.

Lee Jonghyun

This is the second guitarist and former leader of the group.He filled this role because the group started their career in Japan, but gave this place up to Yonghwa at the time of their debut in Korea. This is also the secondary singer of the group and he writes songs with the help of Yonghwa. In addition to the guitar, he knows how to play a number of instruments, in particular the piano and harmonica.

*Note: Not all parts could be translated because the words weren’t legible on the dark parts of the scans.

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English Trans by CNBurningSoul codeazzuro

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