CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and Minhyuk win at the ’2012 K-Drama Star Awards’

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa won the ‘Hallyu Star Award‘ at the ‘2012 K-Drama Star Awards‘.

The ceremony, held on the 8th at the Daejun Convention Center, awarded Yonghwa for his work on television dramas, such as ‘You’re Beautiful‘, ‘Heartstrings‘, and ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘.

Fellow CNBLUE member Minhyuk also received the ‘Rising Star Award‘.

Announcer Kim Byung Chan and actress Yoon In Na hosted the two-part awards, while Epik High, Kim Hyung Jun, Girl’s Day, and BtoB performed.

Congrats to both CNBLUE members!

yonghwa award

minhyuk award

Not long after the ceremony two of them tweeted via their official twitter.

minhyuk twitter

*English Trans Minhyuk’s*

Hello everyone.. this is CNBLUE Minhyuk! So happy that I’ve received an award in the first k-drama star awards this year. During the live broadcast, on the awards stage there was not any drum in front of me so I was very nervous I couldn’t deliver my thanks speech well. I’m really thankful to all sunsaengnim and sunbaenim actors in MHGF, also to FNC Ent. family who gave me this chance and always take care of me, all CNBLUE members and also BOICE. Lastly to my lovely family thank you so much.. thank you! I love you!!

*English Trans Yonghwa’s*

Everyone, I received the hallyu star award!  Thank you everyone. I got this because of those staffs who have suffered a lot. I want to present this award with all my heart to all the staffs. And today it was like a dream because I sat together with my wonderful sunbaenims. Directors, writers thank you so much. Oh, it’s very significant and deeply happy to worked (with you). Thank you all who’ve given me nice clothes and hair today, so I was able to participate in today’s award. See you tomorrow at Inkigayo! I love you! Doh! ps. The rest (of the members) are not here so I couldn’t take a photo.

And here is the gallery

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Article Source allkpop

English Trans by fizzy @ cnbluestorm

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