‘My Daughter Seo Young’ Goes Out to Japan and China

KBS “My Daughter Seo Young” was sold to Japan and China.

On Tuesday, KBS announced that they sold their weekend drama “My Daughter Seo Young” to buyers in China and Japan.

It’s assumed that in Japan, the series will begin airing in March or April. In China, the date is not confirmed and it’s unlikely that it will begin airing next year.

Some believe that the international attention is due to Park Hae Jin and CNBLUE‘s Lee Jung Shin.

my daughter seoyoung

Park Hae Jin, who had starred in three different dramas in one year, was awarded the Best Star award at the 2012 LETV Movie & Drama Awards in China, which was the first for a Korean male actor.

“My Daughter Seo Young” has definitely established itself as a popular drama to watch.

Article Credit kpopstarz

Photo Credit KBS

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