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blue night teaser.CNBLUE currently busying themselves for concert preparation who will scheduled in this weekend, December 15th and 16th. Although they didn’t officially releases teaser for the event but starting on December 6th, Jonghyun posted his drawing to show what does his feeling toward the Blue Night.

blue night teaser1

blue night teaser2

After his pictures he wrote;

Hello. Guitarist and singer Jonghyun here. This is my drawing, indeed drawing is not easy.. nothing in this world is easy!! Beware of the heavy snow! Let’s meet at the concert^^

On the next day was Jungshin also tweeted the same.

blue night teaser3

blue night teaser4

Jungshin’s tweet was

My master piece with Picasso in mind! You can view it at BLUE NIGHT! See you on 15 and 16th December! 

Boice alredy anticipated and waiting for Minhyuk and Yonghwa’s but they are two didn’t tweet anything since the last tweet of Jungshin.

Untill December 10th.

blue night teaser5blue night teaser6

And he wrote;

Hello Everyone! This is CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk. It’s a very cold December.. but this December will get warmer at CNBLUE Concert BLUE NIGHT. It’s less than a week now. It seems like I’m the most nervous.. huu..BLUE NIGHT remembered me to the blue night sky so this is my drawing. Drawing is really difficult. Anyway guys, only a few days left now.. See you in the concert hall!!!! CNBLUE GOGO! 

The last should be Yonghwa, and he was! The next day after Minhyuk he finally completes the Blue Night teaser by posted his drawing.

blue night teaser7

blue night teaser8

Below as usual message boice to beware with cold weather. here is his tweet;

Everyone, this is Yonghwa kk Even I think I’m pretty good at drawing kk It’s cold outside, please take care not to catch the cold~! 



On the same day, before Yonghwa’s update , they updated from studio where they were had practice for the concert. Boice can see even on the studio and none watching over them, but they are  played passionately. With update;

Everyone, we are at our last-minute preparation for the concert! kk Thehet,, hahaha kk Everyone please beware of the colds. Because you guys are the power for us at the concert.. haha Please look forward to it!!!

blue night teaser

Blue Night has high anticipation since the concert will be the last concert CNBLUE held to concluding 2012 and wrapping up the year-end with great cheers from Boice. Are you ready for the Blue Night???????



Translate credit fizzy @ cnbluestorm, @Just_JYH

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