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Within 25 words, please introduce yourself.

Indispensable member of CNBLUE , bassist Lee Jung Shin

Because of a drama you cut your long hair. How do you feel letting go of your kids who have accompanied you for a long time just like that. 

I start keeping my hair long before I debut until now it’s been 5 years. During that time I often saw something like “When will this kid cut his hair” on the internet, when I saw this I often thought “I will cut it soon”. But when I really went to cut it I feel it’s unfortunate, and broken-hearted. But after that I feel better.

What is your reason for holding on to it?

I just want to follow my own desire of having a long hair, but luckily our company really support me.

When the other member saw your new hair style, since they have different personality their reaction must be different as well right?

When YongHwa hyung saw it he said I have completely changed, and compliment that it suits me well. But on the other hand, he is sad because I have lost a lot of my charm. Recently, JongHyun hyung cut his hair short too, so when we saw each other we will attack each other by saying it doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t suit you. MinHyuk will say “It’s not too bad, you should cut it sooner”. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if that is a compliment or not.

As the last member of CNBLUE to act. Everyone really help you a lot right? 

We will talk about our experience, and they will keep on reminding me about the most basic thing.  Other member know that as the last person to act I felt a lot of pressure. They will help me relieve stress by telling me to get relax, and that it’s more important to have great fun while filming.

Both uses video camera, what’s different between being on the stage and on a drama? 

The way I present myself to the audience is different. Four of us is a band who join forces and work together and express it through sounds. But acting is about working together with other actors, staffs and express it through a scene. Even though everything needs to be in harmony, but this is Lee Jung Shin’s own matter so there is other sense of responsibility. Actually I used to be a person who don’t have self-confidence, I always in a band so I’m used to the word “together”. So unconsciously because of this and that situation and constraints I become like that.  Now, suddenly I have to start acting, but it’s impossible that my self-confidence increase immediately right. Instead, I change and can believe in myself more Even though it’s tiring, but I talk more and become more cheerful.

You believe that you can do it, and the audiences response “you did really well” so your self-confidence naturally increase. You always do things together and now you have to work alone, you must have missed your member a lot right.

JungShin : Actually, during promotion period as CNBLUE because it’s always lively and noisy, so you will not pay attention to a lot of things. Recently, I will use alarm to wake up on my own, and because I’m afraid to wake them up I always go out quietly, and then I go back feeling fatigued, I am really not used to that lonely feeling. So recently, I am very noisy at our KAKAO group.

In drama “My Daughter Seo Young” what is the similarity and the difference between Sung Jae and Jung Shin

Our personality is very similar. I am the kind of person who will act accordingly depends on the atmosphere and who is the person besides me. When I am with my member I will become hyper, and with person who is smaller than me I will become a leader.

A filial son is one of the similarity too right. 

In the eyes of my mom’s friends, or my friends and member, I really am a gentle son. I think that whenever I have time I will go back home, accompany my parents and chat with them is the best filial duty I can do now.

That’s right.. , the concert “BLUE NIGHT in SEOUL” in December all 8000 seats sold out within 8 minutes. Congratulations that the tickets is always sold out. 

I really like to search news and article about CNBLUE and me. That time I am the first person who knows about this. But..  our tickets is always sold out anyway. I am just joking (laugh) So at that time I thought every 1 minute 1000 seats are sold, I am very happy. Furthermore, it has been a while since our concert in Korea, to be able to hold a concert in front of the fans I am very happy. I heard that a lot of people can’t get the ticket. In return, we will work harder so we can prepare a new opportunity to everyone.

Is it something like a real-time search? Even though there are some sweets but there must be a lot of bitter one too right. 

I will purposely find either good one or bad one. There are times when I will get hurt quietly but if it’s something that needs to be changed , I still have to change it

Although you quietly keep the wound to yourself, but as long as it doesn’t influence JungShin’s health it is not harmful. Recently, when do you feel accelerated  heart beat?

Erm.. nothing special.

This is not good. There should be more than 1 million things that can make heart beats faster right?

The person around me always said that while you are still young fall in love more often but firstly I, myself don’t think about this topic a lot. Now, for me the fruit of my work is the one that make me feel satisfied. Even though I know I will regret this in the future. HaHa! Actually it’s not that I don’t want to do it (fall in love), but it’s possible that I’m unable to do it.

So now you’re waiting for your ideal type?

A girl who has delicate charm that makes me want to know what is she thinking about. Doesn’t talk much, has a fair skin. I will quite like her.

This year even though you don’t have time to experience accelerated heartbeat, but you live it seriously. Now if there is 1 Million drop from the sky for you to invest on hobby, what will you use it for?

Recently, there is no hobby that I specially want to invest on. This is a bigger problem compared to fall in love. That is I don’t have any hobby. I save up all the money I have earned. I will save up this money too.

When you go to a convenience store, which corner that you usually go?

I don’t know if it’s because I lack of glucose recently, now I like to eat chocolate which I used to hate, and also that kind of earthworm gummy that will cool your tongue.

Recently, member revealed when you’re sick you will sleep talk and blubber about self-pity. You won’t lose to them right!

MinHyuk is the kind of person who all of his actions have to be perfect. But from early 2012 that is not the case anymore. A lot of time his forehead will hit the door, or he will kick the shelf accidentally. And then his eyes will get teary, he will slowly hide in the corner. JongHyun hyung has the sleeping habit of grinding his teeth, and he grinds it like he wants to cut something off. YongHwa hyung likes to sleep on his tummy. Every time he sleep like that I was wondering whether he can breathe or not.

Is there anything that you regret doing when looking back at the year 2012.

I feel that everything will be better if I can prepare for it first. Acting, and concert preparation too. It’s too bad that Band in Korea couldn’t have more event. In 2013 we will do a lot~ Lastly, I am a bit sad that I can’t go back home more often.

What dreams does filial son Lee Jung Shin want to achieve in 2013?

 1. CNBLUE growing reputation

2. Acting skill improve.

Please say New Year wish to JongHyun. 

Up until now we always follow what JongHyun hyung wants to eat, now I hope that hyung can follow what your dongsaeng want to eat. I hope you will be more mature , shave often. But I still love you. I hope we will always together like now.

Please write “Lee Jung Shin User’s Manual TIP” so that everyone know how to get closer to you.

JungShin : Please love me, and makes me smile and makes me happy. I will give you twice as many love back. Although I am shy, but if you talk to me first. I will shake my tail and welcome you. If I look sad please compliment me, I will cheer up immediately. Just like YongHwa hyung now. (YongHwa who stand beside JungShin is rubbing JungShin’s hair to find his white hair). If you tease me first I will be happy.



I’m sorry. Until now, I had no idea that you were such a fun person bursting with cheerful energy.

I’m always startled by how funny I am, too. (laughs)
Don’t people say that you’re quite different from what they thought of you?
I often get that. The response is that I’m funnier than they’d thought. Of course I’m very satisfied with that. It’s not that I try hard, it’s fun for me to keep the atmosphere lively wherever I am. Even if there is free time in between interviews, I don’t take naps. Since it’s not good to work while you’re half asleep, I try to fool around and resist sleep. Then I go home and knock myself out.
You’ll be releasing the fourth Japanese single “Robot”. Please point out the details that you’d like your fans to recognize. (Interview date: Dec. 1)
Because the lyrics are about losing one’s self and being manipulated by someone else, some people began to think that I’m having a hard time recently. While creating music, there are certainly parts that channel my thoughts, but this is about the people who shut themselves out because of the limitations in reality. It’s also about the current-day conditions where more people seem to be subjected to the will of someone else than their own. I really wanted to say this.
Even when you write about love stories, if people keep on substituting you in place, it could narrow the range of your works.
Right. This is a universal sentiment. Because we always wrote about positive things or love stories, I wanted to broaden the range of our themes.
In Japan, the member’s self-compositions have become title tracks but not yet in Korea. There must be those who are anticipating.
There certainly are the ups and downs of using members’ composition as the title track. The new album will be released in January, and my song will be the title track for the first time in Korea. Also included are Jonghyun’s acoustic style and danceable pop tunes. I carefully put the extra effort into it from A to Z. It’s an album that could become the cornerstone of the path that CNBLUE wants to take.
To create something is to erode your soul. Because you always need to pour it out.
I used to think, “Why is it painful to create something? It won’t be that way if it’s a hobby. And it’s so much fun!” Everything was peachy. I’d thought that while writing few verses during late nights, whenever I had time between my schedules. But when I concentrated my time into it, it was quite a pressure. On top of that, I’d told here and there “Everyone, please anticipate the next album”. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. Even when I’m eating delivery food by myself, after sleeping in when the members were out for schedule, the thought that I need to write a song would close in on me. My beard just kept growing. I learned a lot. I’m not the type that write good songs because I have more spare time.
Haha, a beard. Then what does it take for you to write a good song?
It must be luck. Sometimes the song I thought “Wow, daebak!” while writing sounds totally different the day after.
 Like the journal entries written at 2AM in cyworld?
I’d immerse myself and write seriously, then be disappointed the day after. My beard grew during that process.
Do the members react differently to your compositions?
Now I can tell right away from their facial expressions. Jonghyun would say he likes it most of the time. Minhyuk and Jungshin’s reactions are divided between “Good. Nice.” and “Wow~daebak!” If it’s the former case, I throw it away without hesitation.
 What kind of reviews on the new album would you be satisfied with?
First, I’m really satisfied (with the album). But everyone has their own preference so I don’t think it can satisfy everybody. Rather than praises about the music, I wish they would recognize that this is our path to progress, and that it really holds our hard effort from our hearts.
We’re curious what you’ve been up to while the members were doing their individual activities.
I’d often go to a cafe near Hongik University* and drink coffee while watching people. I went to my hometown Busan for 2 to 3 weeks, too. I was playing basketball with my friends and played a game with people from the court next to us. One of them wrote on twitter that Jung Yong Hwa was good at basketball. I was lucky. I played very well that day.
While we were preparing for this interview, i.e., stalking you, we read so many online stories starting with “My teacher taught Jung Yong Hwa, blah blah”. It seems you had a good, no-fuss life. All of them were heartwarming, touching stories.
I read them too (laughs). Some are right, some are wrong. I’ve never sniffed in front of a fried chicken joint or used profanity while drinking chocolate milk. My dad’s not a doctor, I don’t know why there is such a rumor. I’d say about 80% of the heartwarming stories are correct.
Is there anything you’d like to add?
I received many Peperos on Pepero Day in elementary school. Ahem. Not so much during the period I went to all-boys middle school. I liked people’s attention on me, so I’d walk instead of taking the bus (laughs).
Describe Jung Yong Hwa in five words. If it’s hard, you can fill in the blanks.
Unexpectedly (timid). Smallest things tick me off. I’m actually (talkative). The closer I am to someone, (the more I try to take care of that person). And when I’m hyper, (I speak in dialect), To someone I like, (I’m infinitely nice)
So you’re a romantic guy.
It’s just my personality to express everything that I feel. I can’t hide some gift and wait for the time to “Tada!”. As soon as I see the face, I need to say right away, “Hey~let’s see if it looks good on you (acts like putting on a necklace) Wow~it looks nice!”
(Laughs) This is an awkward timing, but we want you to say a New Year’s wish to Yonghwa’s love, Jungshin.
You’re such a cool dongsaeng, I really like you. Let’s keep having fun together and stay good friends for life. Let’s work hard to fulfill our dreams in 2013. (C. Is there anything you want him to change?) I love every little thing that Jungshin does. These days, Jungshin’s under a lot of stress shooting his first drama. I want to joke around and entertain him.
Lastly, we’ve prepared “Jung Yong Hwa User’s Manual” so that people could get closer to you. It’s your job to fill it out.
“I wouldn’t wish for anything else if our music is the best in the world to someone. I will work hard to write even better songs than you expected so that you will be surprised every time. Rather than sticks, carrots can make me dance more wildly than whales. I do better from hearing compliments. When I’m hyper or down, please give me some coffee. But I only drink iced americano. Because I’m a guy with a flaming heart.”



What addition name do you like the most to post before your name?

Guitarist and singer who always consistent at the stage. Lee jonghyun CNBLUE.

After wrap up all of Asian countries, on september you went to UK for ‘CNBLUE Live In London’. London is rock dreamland and also Beatless homeland.

Indeed it was like a dream for me to be able standing at the stage. I’m really happy and satisfied. Though everywhere I go is feel strange, mostly due to their hair colour are different with us, asian. It was a bit strange those blondes rocked on and cheered us. You can say it is like standing in front of the TV watched music video from foreign channel?

When I was in London, I kept staring through the hotel windows. I want to go there and snap some photos in some place and go sight-seeing.

Besides your success on the musical stage you grab TV screen as well.

It is wonderful I can act for the first time, that was an honour for me. But it can not be said as success, it was only the beginning. I still have long way to go. In fact there will be the end of something but surely I will be back as CNBLUE member. Can I do these at the same time? As an actor and doing my musical career with CNBLUE?

As an actor, is there any role you want to play in?

If it true I have another chance to act, I want to play role like Ha Jeongwoo did at “Crime of War”.  “Bad Guy” who Kim Namgil played at also interesting. I see it masculine somehow. The Gyongsang dialect is quite strong and dominant. I think to have that kind of role will be pretty interesting.

We heard that your role model is Jang Donggun.

Not only in acting but also in his everyday life is wonderful. You can say he has warmth. During A Gentleman Dignity’s filming he always cheer me by saying, ‘you do a good job’. I listen to what Jang Donggun saying, if something bad cold have some good result in the end. That make people laugh. I want to be look good and charming like him.

Do you think that you are masculine?

Honestly it is the truth. The word itself has meaning as man. I am 100% agree. So I concluded if people attracted by man (laugh). It just a phrase thing, it mean he is charming because of his masculine side.

This 24 years old guy has a good point with his popularity as musician and new comer actor for the this year drama. As a guy in twenties generation, what do you feel you are weak at?

I always trying my best in every chance I get. And regret, that sure thing it has. But I am the person who takes the matter in easy way. So although there always some regret, it could ge rid easily. Fortunately it is only me who has easy-going personality.

What about love? Do you think it also work in matter to decide your ideal type? How does your ideal type looks like Lee Jonghyun?

Jeon Jihyun, Son Yejin, Park Shiyeon. My type is the ideal type in life. That is the same word, just say pure, delicate, attractive, sexy.. Why?

How does a woman looks like that you  think she is sexy?

Just like the girl in the PSY’s song, that is in my mind right now and the woman who loosen her hair freely.

Named 3 point that Lee Jonghyun has as boyfriend so woman choose you.

Steady, manner and available to sing for her everyday.

Okay, it is understandably point from the guy who can sing.

Fortunately that is the only thing I can do well.

What song do you want to listen or sing to her?

The song who able to combine 2 contrast thing between music and sexy lyric, John Legend ‘PDA’. Have a cup of coffee together while listening to the John Mayer’s ‘Belief’. Easy listening song Robin Thiche ‘Lost Without You’.*Those songs are wonderful indeed. Good songs to picking up when dating*

We heard that you are close with Jonghyun’s SHINEE whom has the same age with you.

We are not too close, where did you hear that from? (He suddenly pretend to be serious) Haha… We are best friend. Jonghyun is warm friend, I always telling him any of the hardship I face. He will come and console me, that was the first kick for us to be this close. We are often hang outs for barbeque. I often heard people saying if I am too early to become mature. But if I meet Jonghyun I comeback to my real age and I am happy for that.

Why are people saying if you are a little adult?

Actually if they are getting along with me for some times, they will not saying that. Many people feel in their first encounter with me will thinking if I am in 30th. It was me who think that way and usually they did not speak it up. Saying the truth, I am unidentified. Hmm… Anyone knows why is it? Why does it happen?

It is my first meet with you in interview and I think it is. A reason you feel the changing from young twenties to the young man.

Do you said so??? (laugh)

Jonghyun’s SHINEE give you birthday present Choco pie and wrap it up with Diablo Game Cover CD he tweeted and teased you as funny jokes. So it is time for revenge, tell me one secret.

Bad boy, but I will not insult him because he just a kid. I will keep his secret.

This interview is the first and will be the first page of 2013 year with the theme ‘CNBLUE New Year Party’. If you are a host of the party, where, what and how do you want it to be like?

I want to party with meat. If there anyone who want to buy sirloin them it would be great (in the other word, he wants to have barbeque party).

We are curious, if you spend the new year with the members, what do you guys doing?

New year is holiday time. Last year we went skateboarding. Every year we always planning to go somewhere together and this year we want to go to the most snowy place. Yonghwa is the best at handling the sky board. Jungshin is the slowest in adapting. Zero master who is the slowest, ah no… Minhyuk is the best at playing the snow ball. I do my best at every game surely. Jungshin’s body is the easiest in adapting with any of the game.

Named three wishes you want to achieved the most in this new year?

I hope always be happy like I am right now. Always in a good health. Make many more good songs.

Minhyuk is now by your side, what do you wish him for in this new year?

As his hyung, I believe that my dongsaeng will do well in every of his. My good-looking little brother I wish in the future it will be like this as always then it would be great. ps: enjoy your life.

Lastly, give suggestion for the people about yourself with ‘Lee Jonghyun Manual Tip’.

I love eating, when I was eating and if it was in my taste I can completely ignore everything, I even will not making any sound. As long as there is tasty food and I can eat I will not making any trouble because I do not need anything else. If I am in moody, let me close my eyes a while, easy to control. Once you get along with me well then everything will be easy.



Please introduce yourself to start this interview.

A person who wants to become a strong man Kang~~ Min Hyuk. I hope this year more people will recognize the name Kang Min Hyuk.

Translator’s note : the hangul for “Kang” = Strong and “Kang” Min Hyuk is the same so he plays with it when introducing himself”

I have watched your movie Acoustic.It feels good to get influenced by that kind of innocence.

Really? You’re one of the few people who have watched this movie. It was the first time I acted. Because it tells a story about a boy who is in a band and has similar age with me so I don’t feel too much pressure. The director calmly help me interpret the story so I become more relax too.

From drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” , “Heartstrings”, to “My Husband Got a Family”, have you felt the rapid increase of Ahjumma fans?

Actually, I always play drum at the back. I realize that even though a lot of people know CNBLUE but they don’t know how i look. Nowadays, no matter which restaurant I went, the owner always give me extra foods, furthermore there are people who can recognize me from my voice.  They even said I am handsome.

I read an interview saying that you like the writer Guillaume Musso?
I really like books like Bernard Werber’s “The Butterfly of the Stars” and Guillaume Musso’s “Because I Love You”. Instead of saying I chose a book based on the writer I like, actually I am the kind of guy who will get immersed in a book if the content is good. I like books that can spark imagination ,but on the other hand by getting immersed in this fantasy world, makes it easier to connect the story with real life story. Even though nowadays I am very busy so there are a lot of books that I am unable to read, but more often than not, because a book is very interesting, I read it again multiple times. I really can’t help it when I got curious. Usually I read book before I went to sleep.

What is your ideal type?When people communicate with each other, we will look at each others’ eyes. I like the the kind of person who will give me profound feeling when our eyes meet. I like a person who has beautiful eyes.

 Fill in the blank question. After filling it out, talk about the order of these identities according to you.
(Loyal to band mate) musician. (Confident) actor. (Handsome) man. (Best) husband. (Honest and upright) father. Ah.. it’s too hard. Firstly, husband, musician, and actor are all in the first place. For the remaining two, I have no idea how to arrange their order.
We are all ordinary people, so is there something you want to steal from other member?If I combine them all, I want Jungshin’s stature, Yonghwa’s talent in music, as for Jonghyun’s hyung I guess it’s his iron mask? Jonghyun hyung is a person who doesn’t care about how other people see him, It’s that strong sense of self-confidence.

Both you and Jungshin are the magnae line, is there a lot of hardship?Actually, Jungshin is the magnae, even though we are of the same age but between us that is the rank. Based on what both hyung said I really don’t look like a magnae.

Other members have talked about each others’ secret, so of course with no exception you have to say some too.

Actually, I don’t even need to say it, everyone knows Jungshin is a coward. But recently I found out that he is afraid of ghost too. (Ceci : Why did you suddenly talk about ghost?). Recently, we moved to a new dorm. Every time JS heard strange voices he will wrangle at our KAKAO group chat. When we’re on the plane too, he will get scared and scream “A~!!”  just because of a small turbulence, and when it has stabilize he will take a deep breath and exhaled exaggeratedly.

Everyone knows that today’s theme is CNBLUE’s New Year Party. If you’re this party host what do you want to do?

In real life? or my own fantasy?

It’s up to you. We can give you infinite budget for your dream and exploding fantasy party.

If it’s in real life, I will use my own money and bought a large pile of beers, and then while drinking we will chat at different places. If it’s my own fantasy, I want to play till my hearts content. 20 years later after CNBLUE’s concert we will open a celebration party and new year party together. We will rent a very luxurious place and gather everyone who loves CNBLUE and our friends. We will happily play while listening to the music. There is no restriction. If at that time all of us have our own wife or girlfriend it would be better

So usually at the celebration party of your concert it must be very lively.

Even though we will drink beer or have a barbecue party, but actually at that day we are not that lively, because everyone is exhausted.

Looks like you have to charge your energy for 20 years later. To commemorate that day what song will you listen to?

Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger”,Chemical Brothers’ “Swoon”. When the music plays we will automatically sing a long together.  At the song’s climax we will unconciously raise our hands and rocking it. Coldplay’s “Viva LaVida” is a popular one too. Electronic Club song is one that I personally listen when I need to adjust my mood, and it’s the songs that I listen to when I am in a good mood, or bad mood.

After CECI PARTY, we will give you a card to write your wish in. So write down your wishes and use all your luck to make it happen.

  • I want to gain weight, get a better build and with exercise I hope I can increase my weight by 4-5 kg that will be enough.
  • I hope my drum skill will improve
  • I hope CNBLUE will be able to make their dreams come true smoothly.

There are still a lot of spaces on the card, why don’t you write more?

I hope I can grow taller by 2 cm, become more handsome, I have a lots of dream, but because it is impossible to achieve that is why I did not say it. In reality I hope CNBLUE’s album will be a big seller, every one of us will improve as an actor. For me, personally I hope I can workout and have a built myself.

When we are talking like this I did not get that little boy aura from you, I feel that your manly aura is stronger now.

For now I have not feel that I have become a mature man. (YongHwa who passed by from behind said, no matter what he do, Kang Min Hyuk is always a mature man)

The real manly Kang Min Hyuk, please say some new year blessing to leader YongHwa

I am really grateful to everything hyung has done. I hope hyung will not have too many burdens.

Do you think that he has lots of burden?

Yonghwa hyung is not the kind of person who will show that he is under pressure. He is busy worrying about us, and have to assume the responsibility of a lot of things. As a leader who open the path for us I’m afraid that he has a lot of burden. Furthermore, he is lead vocal who write music and lyric, the kind of burden under constant spotlight must be really heavy. If I am a leader I think I will feel that way too.

Please write “Kang Min Hyuk User’s Manual Book TIP”,so that everyone know how to get closer to you.

There are some places where people misunderstood about me. Firstly it’s the image of a magnae who likes to do aegyo from movies or dramas. There are not a lot of people who feel that I am that kind of person when chatting with me in real life. So I am not sure if it is because of this everyone said that I’m hard to approach. But I am not that kind of person, I just don’t talk a lot. I am totally immersed in what I am doing so you don’t have to worry about me. Just by understanding this part of me, everyone can get closer to me. On the other hand, once we have become closer we will stay like this forever, and become my friend for the whole life.


cnblue ceci mag january 2013

cnblue ceci mag january 2013.2

cnblue ceci mag january 2013.3

Translation credit Jungshin’s part based on Korean-Chinese by Parishin

Chinese-English by CNBlackYong

Yonghwa’s part by heich justjyh

Jonghyun’s part based on Korean-Bahasa by Raisha @cnblue4ina

Bahasa-English by

Minhyuk’s part based on Korean-Chinese by Parishin

Chinese-English by CNBlackYong

Photo credit Parishin 

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