Snow are falling

White flakes caps in the bare trees

Raining in white fluffy sparkling crystal

Starry tiny lamplight over the night sky

People walking under,

chatting in shiver,

but glowing in their eyes

At home,

The fire is crackling

Deliver a cozy little warmth

For a family seeing their numbers

posted by @lanhudiee

2 thoughts on “WHITE FESTIVE

  1. I hope I see a white Christmas soon! Snow is truly inspirational, poetic and relaxing. Well, when you are inside the house looking out the window. Shoveling, snow blowing and driving through it can be nerve racking. However, thank you for sharing this warm holiday feeling. Take care!

  2. ah thank you 🙂 and yes snowy days give alot of inspiration… And enjoyable time to gather with family.
    And you too! Take care, I hope the white christmas will comes to you soon!

    Peace and love,

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