[FOOTNOTES] CNBLUE Arena Tours 2012 Come On


cnbThis is all about out off shoot during Arena Tours

  • In general the theme of their setlist can split into 4, which were;
    1. Opening, closing and encore by fierce bold rock with Come On, Get Away, Just Please/Tattoo, Hey You, Intuition, Love, Let’s Go Crazy, Voice, With Me, Where You Are, On Time, Time Is Over, In My Head, Love Girl, Love Revolution, Kimio.
    2. Romantic slow rock and ballad brought by Y,Why, Feeling, Eclipse/These Days.
    3. Dance party songs were Have a Good Night, Wake Up and No More.
    4. Fun time boysband, Blue Sky, ad-lib local cuisine song and Teardrops In The Rain.

    Maybe you all take notice, in all of my posts I used ‘show’ instead of ‘concert’. The reason was I do feel that CNBLUE’s live is mix between music and gag performance! They got reliable music performance but never fail to make Boices laugh with their intent or unintended act a.k.a tom and jerry show among guitars in front.

  • Another highlight for these tours were tattoo, ad-libs song and DANCE. Even though it was only sticker tattoo but both Yonghwa and Jonghyun were put it on their body the most. The ad-libs local cuisine song getting longer live after live also, dancing time. I was wondering maybe someday four of them will try dancing and singing like idol boysband since during these lives they were danced a lot especially Yonghwa.
  • Their songs, all of them really cool when played live and Boices could see how much they grown, musically and interaction with audiences. Especially at Saitama whose the biggest venue for this tour. They know well how to create unity with audiences and think the most talkative man was Jonghyun.
  • Boices also cool, they didn’t forget Minhyuk, even though he always stay behind but during ‘boysband time’ it was him who seemingly gain the most applause in all venues! The one of my reason I love their live rather than listening theirs via iPod is because I can clearly heard Jungshin and Minhyuk’s. Jungshin had more solo part.
  • Acctually it was Jonghyun who said will play piano when sing These Days but then it was always Yonghwa who did it and started from Niigata, the boys had played Feeling and These Days in jazzy with piano sound played by Yonghwa. It remind me when I attended Coldplay’s live, the vocalist also played piano in some songs. Could Yonghwa inspired by them? Since he also reportedly attended Coldplay live in Korea??
  • Before they about to sing dancing songs, in all shows Jonghyun always mention about London live with almost the same words!Minimalist stage set up seems perfect for the boys. The stage has runaway and center stage who divided Boices into Jonghyun and Jungshin’s side. They used to run through it especially Jungshin who even went down to the audiences floor
  • There was polar opposite between Yonghwa and Jonghyun. Yonghwa, even the first song not finish he already swam with sweat while Jonghyun seemed not at all though in the last song! So strange.
  • After undies exposed incident at Niigata, Yonghwa seemed to concern to happen again by covering his back with his hand or frequently pulled his t-shirt down whenever he got chance to.
  • One thing I notice during Arena Tour maybe it is true that most of boice are girl but honestly they have all range of age and gender. I have no experience yet in Korea but in Japan, especially at Saitama I had met boices from various countries, that was one of the special thing about CNBLUE, boices come through all around the world just to have some fun time with the boys.
  • I just realize how much happy virus Jungshin had brought during the show. Together with Yonghwa, he never fail to live up the venue (didn’t mean that Jonghyun and Minhyuk didn’t playing their part). Jungshin had shown many faces and quite serious while playing and singing but whenever he got chance that changed dramatically. Seriously both Jungshin and Yonghwa looked like comedian sometimes while Minhyuk and Jonghyun tried their best to follow the other two shoes.
  • For the ad-libs song, Jonghyun almost never sang, seemingly Yonghwa ordered him on guitar playing only while Jungshin had most voice and dance after Yonghwa compared to Minhyuk who often looked embarrassed or even confuse before sing.
  • Not only those perfection they had shown off. They are just ordinary young men who made mistake sometimes. Yonghwa losing time to get back to his place (I think he better use head mic so he can running all over the stage with ease). Jungshin forgot the rap lyric, Minhyuk missed his beat or even the perfect man, Jonghyun also made several mistakes in his guitar playing. But so what?! Those are acceptable and boices could understand that. From my point of view, maybe it is all because their excitement were up to the topmost level. I just glad that Yonghwa’s voice was stable right from the start of the tour up to the very end while Jonghyun a bit struggle in the penultimate. Though it was Yonghwa whose I affraid will losing his voice because he was screaming a lot.



Very last, I want to thank to my friend who willing to accompaniy me during the shows and help me to make this FA. Also to YOU, thanks for everything actually can’t thank you enough, I enjoyed   a lot of the show. I hope there another chance for me to attend those incredible show!!!!

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