This christmas CNBLUE has special present to the boices all around the world. Yes of course, the 4th Japanese major single Robot. Robot? Yes it is, Robot. Sounding weird? Maybe, I am thinking the same way when first time read the announcement and so does my other fellow boices. But by the time went by the feeling of strangeness turn into curiosity that run to the topmost. Moreover when the promotional photos were reveal. Everyone anticipated on how the song will be.

The scream came when Robot teaser released. Oh this is cool, when will the PV is out? That was my first reaction when watched the 0.51 Robot teaser.

Tada… The full PV was out and obviously that is another great music came from the young men who love rock music and have strong passion to create something new.

Robot single consist three new material and one instrumental of the tittle track, Robot who composed by no one else but Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun.



According to the Yonghwa’s interview, Robot is the one of the song that he and Jonghyun can play and sing well.

Robot has Yonghwa’s style, though it more poppy and less groove compare their previous three single. As well as the lyric that tells on how you placed in your own path but have no chance to make any decision on your own.

On Robot rather than about music I more into the lyric that catch my intention for the first time. The lyric make me think many, as Yonghwa’s wrote, those could happen to anyone of us and surely the situation also one common thing for everyone.

There is the time when we have to choose between our idealism and what the real thing who happening in our surrounding for the sake of survive. There will be the time we need to compromise. Sometimes we regret with our choice, but this is life that not always run exactly in our wish.


Another thing is, I think it was Yonghwa’s himself and behalf of CNBLUE member’s reflection which they are still need to compromise in many ways especially for their korean stage. They got to do what company tells and follows the what market wants. Sometimes I sense about Yonghwa’s implicit protest through this lyric.


CNBLUE’s special christmas present to the boices, yes it is, ring! By the tittle I am sure everyone sense and expecting some christmas sound. And it is! As the tittle, ring, the song has full of bell sound an it somewhat like a carol. With mild and fresh music, ring just as cool as christmas itself. Listening to this song remind me with christmas eve, when family gather with their number, tiny lamplight from all over the bare trees along the street where people walk to and fro, midnight night snowfall and sound of the bell from the distant staple.

Funky, fresh and surprising sound mix with hilarious lyric, at first when I read the lyric text I about to judge that Yonghwa already lose his sense in writing. But then again, Robot is still has his style. So my best explanation is, he wants to show another side of him. That he, Yonghwa is not only as cool and serious as people know through his song. But he is the hilarious person and musician in may ways. As Jonghyun also ever reveal that Yonghwa, though he is the eldest but most of the time he acts as the youngest.


Actually this style started by Come On, when he wrote Wake Up which was include his favourite band, Bon Jovi and Oasis. Have A Good Night when he reveals how much he love coffee (in fact he wrote about espresso instead of americano that he loves the most). And the newest, is ring, where he include Love Actually movie and pancake in his lyric.

Starlit Night

Jungshin said it was the second version of and it is. With acoustic sound and mild music, Starlit Night just the another Boices’s song which Jonghyun made as gratitude to the Boice who accompany and support them endlessly.

Clapping hands from the start through the song  acoustic guitar really match with the mood of the song. Even I have silly thought that Jonghyun’s voice was change. His voice pretty beautiful in this song and Yonghwa’s husky voice brings another atmosphere.


I can’t help but shed tears when I listen to it for the very first time. Moreover when four of them sang in chorus, I feel like sang in another version. Because lately when they’re doing live, all of the members has its solo part. Jonghyun is always has his way in mastering this kind of the sound.

So in my personal eyes, is the straight way for them to say thank you and Starlit Night is the sound of their expression of the CNBLUE’s star, do you know who is it? BOICE!

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Photo Credit FNC Ent

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