arena tour galleryLast day! The real conclusion for the 9 shows who visited 6 major cities across Japan.

Saitama Super Arena was quite something with ten thousands boices all over the world gather together just for one thing, have fun with CNBLUE Boys!

On the last day show it begun earlier than the previous shows and not as usual and maybe for filming stuff, the boys appeared with leather jacket over their T-shirt only Jonghyun who wore sleeveless T-shirt straight away.

With only first three songs, Come On, Get Away and Just Please the Arena already heat up. It can be pretty understandably since it was the real conclusion, very last show back then it started a October 2nd.

Jonghyun had played his guitar amazingly, didn’t mean tha he played bad in the previous shows, but for the night live he seemed devote his life only for the show. And of course the other members had their own way to express their wildness, passion and determination in music.

Right after Just Please ended Yonghwa took off his jacket and during Intuition intro he followed Minhyuk’s drum beat and shook his hip. Meanwhile Jonghyun shouted,

“Let’s get more exciting till the end!”

For the Love intro Yonghwa lead the boices on the right side by saying ‘Love, Love, Love’ and the left side, ‘Clap, Clap, Clap.’

“Finally we’re here at Saitama.” Said Jonghyun.

Yonghwa firstly greeted all the boices by saying, ‘konnichiwa’ which mean hello and another member altogether continued on with ‘CNBLUE desu’ or we’re CNBLUE.

“Today’s live started a bit earlier than yesterday. Tomorrow is working day, everyone take a rest from work!” Joked Yonghwa and he went on saying,

“Please listen to our ballad numbers.”

Ballad session was quite breathtaking, Yonghwa’s sweet husky marry with Jonghyun’s beautiful soft voice combine low beat, sent the atmosphere to the perfect stage.

Yonghwa played Feeling’s intro a bit longer and with his head sign, Minhyuk had started drumming followed by guitar, bass’s sound and clapping hands from boice.

“We went to UK recently and it was really fun. We had charge our rock spirit there but now it’s time to dance,” said Jonghyun and continued on asked Yonghwa.

“Show us your dance please.”

Yonghwa replied Jonghyun’s order by did some step dance and said,

“I’m good at dancing.”

Dancing songs were quite fun to sing along.

“Guys sing along with us please,” asked Jonghyun during Wake Up interval.

Jonghyun started sang ‘wake up, wake up’ and boice choir at once. But he didn’t satisfy and pushed to Yonghwa.

“Yonghwa, you do it.”

Yonghwa did it differently from the lowest to the highest tone. Appearantly they are not only improved in musical ability but also in way the filling up every interval or heat up the venue.

Surprise and unexpectedly for the finale the sang about Konbini or Convinience Store rather than specific dishes like usual.

At that time, right before they sang ad-libs song, Minhyuk looked up at the up stairs seats asked,

“Don’t you guys even feeling scared? (for being up stair and need to look down to watch them at the stage)”


The boys also replayed Tebasaki and Kosihikari song. Tebasaki song had replayed by Jonghyun’s vocal and Yonghwa approached Jonghyun’s face while did rap percussion. Osaka’s Takoyaki song also not forgetting to talk about. Once Takoyaki was mentioned, Minhyuk stood up and pointed Jungshin out,
“You’re takoyaki’s twin! Tako Jungshin.”

Yonghwa said that yesterday they were sung about gyudon but apparently that Tokyo has everything, so they are confusing to pick up one.

“The best thing is convenient store.” Suggested Jungshin.

Yonghwa also reveal if ad-libs song was such a pressure to him and Minhyuk replied quickly,

“Once you start singing we’re much in pressure too.”

Konbini Song

Tokyo dewa tabemono ga ippai
Oh ippai
Kyou wa nani wo tabeyou ka
Oh yappari gyudon?
Oh yappari ramen?
No, no, no kyou wa hisashiburi ni Italian
No boku wa gyudon ga suki
Kyou no saigo no scedule konbini okay
Ippai desune, ippai desune
Nan demo aru, nan demo aru
Pirukuru oh, pirukuru oh
Oh no kyou wa cocoa?
Oh pirukuru

Ore ramen ga daisuki
Ichiran, ippoudou mo zenbu daisuki
Ramen daisuki
Ramen tsukemen boku ikemen!

Love chunyu,
Ocha shinai?
Preassure demo saigo desukara?

Konbini kita
Kyou wa yappari pirukuru
Cocoa mo
You!!! Yappari dance 1-i wa boku desune

Ramen, tsukemen, oniisan wa tsukemen!

No! Boku wa ikemen desune!!
Ore no koto suki deso?


Convenience Song English Trans

There ara many kind of foods in Tokyo
Oh ippai
Still gyudon?
Still ramen?
No, no, no today is after long time no see (with Italian food)
No! I like gyudon
I’m okay though after this live have a convinience store’s scedule (was it mean that they want to go shopping after the show? I don’t really understand with the sentence.)
There are many things, pretty many
There is everything, everything
Pirukuru, oh pirukuru
Oh no, cocoa for today?
Oh pirukuru

I love ramen
Ichiran, ippudou I love everything
I love ramen
Ramen tsukamen boku ikemen (Japanese gag, I don’t know what does it really mean.)

Love chunyu (also Japanese gag)
Do you want to have a cup of tea with me?
(Do you feel any) pressure?
But it’s the last one

I came to the convenience store
Today is pirukuru, still
Cocoa also
That all!
I’m still no.1 dancer,

Ramen tsukemen, oniisan is tsukemen

No, I’m a cool guy!
You’ve fallen for me?

When Yonghwa approached Minhyuk to suggest singing, Minhyuk seemed confused and smiled strangely. But then he even left his chair and dance as if he is a rapper who surprise Yonghwa.

Yonghwa also asked Jungshin whether he was in pressured and Jungshin answer it by short singing part and danced on his own ways. Later he even claim that he was the number one dancer.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk and Yonghwa exchanging both You’re Beautiful and You’ve Fallen For Me’s tittle to be their song lyric.

Teardrops in The Rain was the conclusion for the acoustic fun time, as Jonghyun said,

“We’re might not do this again next time.”

Brought the show to an end was bold rock with their fierce songs. Great duo vocals (Jonghyun’s voice seemed recover and he sang quite well) and guitars, accompanied by low sound of bass and drum beat that never fail to amaze the audiences.

As usual Jonghyun took selca during Kimio, he even called Minhyuk to come down n joined Yonghwa and Jungshin.

Right after Kimio was ended the boys gather together n discuss something.

And Jonghyun said, “you guys are all awesome.”

“We’ve prepared yesterday, but…” Added Yonghwa hesitantly.
“Okay, let’s do it.” Jonghyun cut across Yonghwa’s hesitation.

Unfortunately the staff already clear up the instruments. While Jonghyun waiting for his guitar, Yonghwa played his guitar randomly. Double encore started by You’ve Fallen For Me with great cheer from boice. The very last song was, they are mentioned all the places they’ve performed. And each of the member has their own part to sing.

arena tour gallery


*Now the whole tours really ended and hopefully all of my summaries can help another boices to have fun.Actually I decide not to write this show up, since I didn’t attend the show. But my friends nagging at me, so I post this. Though, on the January 23rd next year the DVD will drop at the store.*

Rough translation and Summaries by Hana and Yuki

Wrote, Edited and posted by

Photo Credit FNC Ent


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