Yonghwa and Jonghyun Interview


Q: How was your Singapore trip?
YH: Overall, I liked Singapore’s clean and stylish feeling. So many foreigners seem to come to visit.
JH: (Singapore) has a fine view and plenty of trees so the whole city feels like a park. The colour of sea is really unique and pretty which is impressive. It is such a trip of resting well and of enjoying enough.

Q: How long has it been since you travelled last time?
YH: It seems like it is the first time after debut. When we visit for an official schedule, somewhat our destinations are exposed a lot so it’s difficult to get around. Not long ago, when we went to London to shoot our album jacket and music video, we had a busy schedule ahead.
JH: We were abroad at all times due to concerts so there was no that much of time to spare. Since it is the time just before the activity begins, I think I have some spare time.

Q: Do you feel a sense of freedom when you’re abroad?
YH: First of all, I feel a sense of freedom since not many people recognise me compared to Korea. In fact, even in Korea, if I walk around naturally, there are not many people to recognise me. It seems like I feel uncomfortable because I keep myself conscious.
JH: There are differences individually though, I don’t mind it. Both in Korea and abroad, in fact, not many people recognise me so I feel comfortable. (Laugh) If four of us go around, it would be 100 % sure for us to be recognised.

Q: How did you spend time on the plane?
YH: I try not to sleep on the plane. These days, since in-flight entertainment system is equipped very well, I don’t know how time passes. On the way here, I watched two Korean movies.
JH: I don’t like to arrive after being asleep as much as I want and awake. Upon arrival, I should sleep in any case. If I sleep only, I feel backache and waste precious time anyhow. So I do this and that such as writing lyric.

Q: Do you want to try something when you go to new place?
YH: This is a little different story though, but it was my dream to have a studio in Jeju Island or in the mountains. I still imagine it. In rainy day or heavy snowy day, I imagine myself that I compose songs in a remote place, which make me feel happy.
JH: I don’t like to be bored. I don’t feel uncomfortable of living and being jam packed together. I don’t want to go where nobody exists.

Q: What do you think of each other as a travel partner?
YH: We rarely travel together but we usually stay together because we live together. So we rather spend our time separately during trip abroad. When broadcast, I should talk and laugh a lot. So I spend time quietly and calmly in this kind of time.
JH: I don’t mind whatsoever that much. But gradually, since we have been spending time separately, I think it is comfortable as it is.

Q: It is said that most idol group members are obsessed with idea that they have to do something during free time. Are CNBLUE members like that?
YH: I was like that way right after debut, but these days, I try to rest and sleep well whenever I have time. Since I’m not the type of person to dose off or sleep during work, I focus on my work and then rest at once when it finishes. I think it is important to sleep and recharge myself.
JH: Mostly I can’t sleep well. I could just fall to sleep after overwork. So constantly I tend to do something.


Q: When you’re abroad, what kind of food do you enjoy?
YH: I really love eating and eat well anything that others recommend. In resorts or hotels, I make sure to eat breakfast for my life. Didn’t you see me to run down to eat a piece of bread 5 minutes before it ended yesterday? (Laugh) I don’t eat Korean food. Korean food is the most delicious in Korea.
JH: I’m kind of sensitive in eating. When I was young, both parents went out to work so I bought food to eat whatever I wanted to eat as much as I like. So I’m very picky about food. I like strong-tasting food so I pick my favourite food which is palatable. In fact, it is not too much to say that I work in order to eat tasty food.

Q: What was the most memorable thing during this trip?
YH: The chili crabs we ate at Clarke Quay after the photo shoot. I ate so much that it still seems to smell like chilli crabs. For the time being, I don’t want to think about chilli crabs!
JH: I remember it while riding in a car, I enjoyed the sea view scenery. Especially sky view in city was impressive. Now that I approached Marina Bay, I really feel refreshed.


Interview Trans credit @CebuNuna via Twitlonger

Photo Scan byParishin

Posted and Edited by blue plum blossoms decoded


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