Snow falling outside the window

White fluffy drops in chilly

In the distance, tiny lamplight twinkle through the bare trees

Starlit night* serenaded to sing along

All of sudden

The warmth was dissapear

Gazing to eyes next to me

It’s lovely but slowly forming with fury

Yet I can see clearly

There’s depression inside

Do you regret being with me?

All I wanna say is sorry

But it just tongue-tied

Stopping dead as if the right confession

Something chilly has entered the room

And all the unforgetable memories just sneak out leaving the pain inside

Snow still falling outside

It was the time you take a leave

What I wanna is hold your hand

Begging for you to stay

It’s nothing

Nothing had happend

I stood frozen

As the shadow fade away

And snow swallowed the rest for I know hardly to make it back

It just when the snow is falling

*starlit night is one of b-side of CNBLUE 4th Japanese single, Robot.
posted by tara lee


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