The voice

Coming in such of the sudden

Smoothly it runs through my veins

Lead me to the place I’ve never been

What was going on?

I don’t know, it just warmth and infecting my brain completely

The voice

It’s just another miracle

That wrap the lonely soul into warm embrace

Sending me with tons of hopes

What was going on?

I don’t know, it just refreshing and I’m lying upon my pillow with smile

The voice

What I wanna it’ll long lasting

Just please dont disappear

I need the voice to lead my feets

I wish I could hear The Voice singing for me

Once Again

*This is my first post on the first January 2013. Starting from today I hope I could write a happy memories in every pages of 2013 memories book. How about you guys? Well here I wanna wish everyone, my blog followers, readers and visitors a very best wishes and hopefuly you guys able to get whatever you had set up! HAPPY NEW YEAR*
A lot peace and love
Tara Lee