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january anticipation

Yes it is, January will be the biggest anticipation for the Boice. I am sure you are all know why, yes, hi five to you all, CNBLUE Korean new mini album, RE:BLUE. The most special things for this new album is of course Yonghwa will composed the tittle track.

Saying honest, it was not a big deal for the band to write their materials by themselves. But since it is Korean that I am talking about, then it will be a very big deal.

CNBLUE always wrote and compose tittle track by their own for Japanese releases but not yet in Korea.

I am sorry but I do feel that Korean not put music as art in the first place but bussiness. And honestly I have no idea why idol cannot compose their own tittle track if they are able for it. Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s composition already recognized in Japanese with gold certified or constantly topping both daily and weekly Oricon chart but for their Korean EP, Ear Fun, they were use FnC precident’s song though Yonghwa compose the other 5 songs! What a pity.

As band lover and boice for sure, the korean rules dissapoint me moreover I like CNBLUE because of their musical ability (though I cannot deny if four of them have outstanding look, both with face and height), so it was no point to me when knowing they were sang another composers song instead. That is one of my reason why I am not into Korean’s songs. Sorry K-pop lover this is just my personal point of view.

So, this January will be my highest anticipation since Yonghwa had announced that the next Korean comeback using his composition. Though I still have no courage to set my curiosity as level as for their Japanese release. But I cannot help but hoping that I am wrong. However it was CNBLUE who land me in the K-pop music.

So, since the announcement, Yonghwa and Jungshin as usual to be the most members who promoting their comeback via CNBLUE official twitter.

Here, some of their scedule who makes me even more exciting.

  • January 4th, image teasers release.


  • January 6th, Busan invasion, Yonghwa and Jonghyun special guest on Running Man.
  • January 7th midnight, video teaser release.
  • January 10th 12.00 noon, 1st Blue teaser release.
  • January 11th 12.00 noon, 2nd Blue teaser releases.
  • January 13rd, CNBLUE 3rd Korean debut anniversary.
  • January 14th, D-day 4th Mini Album contains 5 new songs and Where You Are English Version.

And these pictures were taken by Jungshin and Yonghwa in order to promoting their comeback.

Write and posted by blue plum blossoms decoded

Photos Source SBS



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