Calling With Jungshin’s Mother


I found something interesting in this short conversation between CNBLUE guys (minus Minhyuk) with Jungshin’s mother. Some weeks ago when CNBLUE held their concert at Seoul, there were picture Jungshin and Yonghwa’ elder brother along with Yonghwa’s mother as well. Apparently not only they are four who look like sibling but also their family already bond together.

Jungshin: Hello.
Mother: Son!
Jungshin: Mother.
Mother: My son.
Jungshin: Yes, your youngest son.
Mother: Omona! My son called me during his busy work. (laugh) When are you filming today?
Yonghwa: Nam Yang Joo, Mother.
Jonghyun: Hello, Mother!
Mother: Who are you?
Jonghyun: It’s Jonghyun.
Jungshin: It’s the one whom Mother hates, Jonghyun hyung.
Jonghyun: Mother, I’m disappointed.
Mother: Did you treat  a lot of meat to Jungshin yesterday?
Jonghyun: Yes. He ate quite  a lot.
Jungshin: It’s not that hyung treated. He paid just because he lost at Rock Scissors Paper.
Mother: Anyway hyung paid, didn’t he?
Yonghwa: Meat? What meat? When did you eat?
Jonghyun: Yesterday.
Yonghwa: Yesterday? Yesterday when? Why  I wasn’t  there?
Jonghyun: Hyung, you went to the gym.
Yonghwa: How come you concealed it from me and ate meat?
Jonghyun: Conceal what? You were just not there.
Jungshin: We will finish it at about 2 or 3am. I will text you when I finish it.
Yonghwa: Awkward.
Jungshin: Go to sleep early, It’s 12 o’clock.
Mother: I woke up.
Jungshin: Long life to you, Mother.
Jonghyun: Good night, Mother
Yonghwa: Mother. Good bye.
Mother: You guys working hard. Hang up.


Source cfile daum net

Translation Credit

Posted and Edited by blue plum blossoms decoded

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