Q: How do you think about other members?
Yonghwa: Jungshin is very delicated person. He is very innocent, both innocent and delicated.
Minhyuk has desire and ambition. But he knows how to care others.
Jonghyun is manly, but sometims he looks childish.
We all have diffent personality.
Q: Are you happy?
Yonghwa: I met my true vocation. I can’t even imagine what would I do if I didn’t meet this job.
I’m not forced, but I’m enjoying it, that’s why I can say I met my vocation.
A work which I can do while enjoying is the best job, isn’t it?

Q: How do you think about other members?
Jonghyun: At first, I couldn’t understand Minhyuk, when we became a team.
He is so detailed, so I thought, ‘This guy must live a hard life’
But, thanks to those points of Minhyuk, I could become neat, I could be changed ti be better. So I appreciate Minhyuk.
Q: Are you happy?
Jonghyun: I think I am happy.
Sometimes I think, if I were not doing a singer job, what would I have been doing now?
It scares me. I am happy now.

Q: How do you think about other members?
Minhyuk: Frankly speaking, I and Jonghyun hyung have very different personality.
First time we started dorm life, we conflicted a lot.
At the back, I said a lot, “I can’t live with Jonghyun hyung.”
But as I get to learn about Jonghyun hyung, also he gets to learn about me, we found complementary points for each other. We met at the middle point.
As we get to know each other, now I feel more comfortable to talk to Jonghyun hyung rather than Yonghwa hyung, if I had secret or if I met hard time. (lol, so they’re already have couple, Minhyuk-Jonghyun and Jungshin-Yonghwa)
Q: Are you happy?
Minhyuk: Frankly speaking, I like this life, although I am quite busy.
Last time, I was in Japan, came to Korea by morning plane to attend press conference, went back to Japan, arrived there 10 minutes before the concert, then perfomed at the concert.
I could feel tired, but I had fun. Actually who can have such experience?
As I think it’s interesting, everything is interesting.

Q: How do you think about other members?
Jungshin: We met really well. It’s marvelous. Two from Busan, two from Ilsan.
Plus, we all have very different personality, but we balance well.
It’s been 4~5 years since we met, now we can tell just seeing each other’s eyes.
Q: Are you happy?
I feel lack of many things but I don’t regret. I love my job.
Actually this life isn’t easy. But what kind of job would be easy?
I think I can get these things because I give up those things.
My mother  and my father told me the same thing.


Source cfile daum net yonghwa cfile daum net jonghyun cfile daum net minhyuk  cfile daum net jungshin

Trans Credit via twitlonger

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