How far do Simon D and Yonghwa go back?

yonghwa running man

Supreme Team‘s Simon D revealed his connection to CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa.

Simon D tweeted, “Same neighborhood, same apartment, same high school sunbae-hoobae.” He also revealed later on that Yonghwa’s older brother and he had been in the same class in high school and were friends.

The photo attached was taken an episode of ‘Running Man‘, which they starred on together. Fans commented, “The world is a small place“, “You guys should always keep in touch“, “Busan has all the cool guys“, and more.

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Pati Pati Sensibility Dictionary



Chirping of birds and the white snow.  ”When it comes to New Year, somehow, I think of is the chirping of birds and the white snow”



Do this year Regards. “And New Year’s Day is said, I think of this first sight. It’s a scene that I have to shake hands with yourself. Hello to the new year! And promise myself that. Best regards such this year,



Kiting ”When the new year, to make your own kite, When I was a child, he had a kite competition”



Bells on New Year’s Eve ”New Year every year is to inform the bells on New Year’s Eve, and will be on January 1. I think that while listening to the sound, the New Year, and “Let’s work hard this year” in the new feeling”


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CNBlue Reveals New Album Jacket Cover


After releasing individual teasers for the upcoming album, CNBlue has released the album’s jacket cover looking very cool with the city of London as the backdrop.

An official from FNC Entertainment stated, “We spent some time trying to find a place in London that gives off an exotic feel. It rained a lot so the shooting was postponed, but the members showed a lot of passion nonetheless.”

CNBlue will make their comeback on January 14 and will release their 4th mini-album titled “Re:blue.” It means “CNBlue starting anew.” As previously stated, their comeback date is the same date as when they made their debut.

Meanwhile, the members are planning to release 2 sets of video teasers titled “Blue Teaser” on January 10 and 11.

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