Pati Pati Sensibility Dictionary



Chirping of birds and the white snow.  ”When it comes to New Year, somehow, I think of is the chirping of birds and the white snow”



Do this year Regards. “And New Year’s Day is said, I think of this first sight. It’s a scene that I have to shake hands with yourself. Hello to the new year! And promise myself that. Best regards such this year,



Kiting ”When the new year, to make your own kite, When I was a child, he had a kite competition”



Bells on New Year’s Eve ”New Year every year is to inform the bells on New Year’s Eve, and will be on January 1. I think that while listening to the sound, the New Year, and “Let’s work hard this year” in the new feeling”


Scan Credit @mi_malice

Trans credit chiqchoq

Posted by  @blue plum blossoms decoded












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