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Actually these photos were old one, noticing that Jungshin still ‘bunny’. I found this too precious to keep for my self so I shared here. This during they filming for Olive Young.



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bang bang poster

bang bang fan signing6

The BangBang fan-signing event has finished safely! With the new changing of members’ hairstyle, we can feel that they will comeback soon!! 4th Mini Album [Re:BLUE] on 14th January, please expect a lot ^^*

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bang bang fan signing23

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bang bang fan signing52

bang bang fan signing19


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january anticipation

Today, January 14th, surely become pretty memorable day for boice. Yes of course, today is exactly 3 year already CNBLUE has official debut in Korea as their homeland. Starting with I’m a Loner CNBLUE popped up in the Korean music industry that dominated with dance group for both boys and girls. Bringing the new sound, they tried to break through the mainstream. Gaining success? Definitely, but before that they had to suffer in many ways. Hardship during indie activities, plagiarism case until the idea of hand-sync just few of their obstacle before they had achieved what they have today.


For me, CNBLUE is the only offspring band I adore so much, for I used to hear t o Japanese music who led me to them. Yes, I know CNBLUE far before they had Korean debut. Which mean I know them in Japan during their indie activities? My first impression toward them was, envious. I was longing in music activities but some reasons not allowed me to do so and they were so young to have their own stage. Although at that time it was in the streets or small live house. CNBLUE was become my reasons to sneak out from my study, followed their street performances or waiting for them at Yoyogi Park on Sunday.

So, when most of boice first fall with I’m a Loner, my favorite was Voice (until now) and my first ever treasure was Now or Never. That was also the reason I hate Jungshin so much n the beginning since he replace Kwang jin who’s initially my bias, moreover it was no official announcement about the replacement and what Kwangjin  will does following his departure.

Now or Never

Now three years had elapsed and CNBLUE has growing rapidly as probably they had never expected before.  But they have never stop to attacking boice with their storm and another storm should be anticipated tomorrow as their 4th Korean Mini Album Re:BLUE officially release.

Then boice, prepare your self and hold your heart tight ‘cause it might jump out from your chest once you watch I am Sorry MV tomorrow!!!


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3rd Korean Debut Anniversary Gift Re:BLUE

CNBLUE receives over 100,000 pre-orders


Band CNBLUE received over 100,000 pre-orders for their new EP Re:BLUE prior to their return.

On January 13, CNBLUE’s agency, FNC Entertainment said that the new EP received over 100,000 pre-orders so far.

The title song “I’m Sorry,” which has powerful rock sounds, is written by leader Jung Yong Hwa. The group has selected the title song with Jung’s self-written song for the first time.

The new EP will be released on January 14 through several online music sites. CNLBUE will appear on music programs to announce their return.


*This is really a great gift for their 3rd Korean debut anniversary. HAPPY 3rd KOREAN DEBUT ANNIVERSARY, CNBLUE fightingggggg*


Source Starnews

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