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The 4th single “Robot” is written and composed by YongHwa, it’s a song that let you feel another CNBLUE’s color.

Yonghwa: Most of my songs are positive, but this song is cynical unlike usual. When I got holidays in April, I thought I was a robot because I had only one body but I had many things to do. From that, I made melody and arrangement, and finished it at once.

How long was it?

Yonghwa: I finished in about a single day.

Minhyuk: When Yonghwa let me listen to the song for first, I thought it was a very cool song. More than anything, a word “robot” was strongly left in my ears.

Yonghwa: The one who did the best reaction among us was Jungshin, but unfortunately he isn’t here today due to drama filming.

Oh, you must be feeling lonely.

Yonghwa: (Immediately) I don’t feel lonely (laugh). I don’t feel lonely at all because there is Minhyuk here today. At the last interview, there were only two, Jonghyun and me, but today there are three.

Jonghyun: But, actually I wish there were four members. CNBLUE is CNBLUE as four!

Yonghwa: No hope, Jungshin is an actor (laugh).

This is the other side of loneliness.

Minhyuk: Yes, you’re right. Because Yonghwa really likes Jungshin a lot.

Yonghwa: No, not true (laugh). And, in this song, the lyrics describe trouble of people nowadays that they can’t realize their dreams even though their lives are their own.

The sound itself has a good beat, but when you listen thoroughly, the song makes you think.

Minhyuk: Maybe you could say the sound is like robot. It’s a rhythm that there were not among our music. I have a lot of fun with playing the song.

Jonghyun: Another exciting song at live concert was born!


By the way, if you make a robot, what kind of robot do you like?

Yonghwa: A massage robot.

Minhyuk: I like it too. Actually I have had sore muscles for a long time, so I want it now!

Jonghyun: I want a copied robot from me. When I’m tired, I would give way to the copied person (laugh).

Then, can JongHyun’s copy be interviewed?

Jonghyun: Of course (laugh). If it’s possible, the copy cat would work except live performance…(laugh)

We would start with asking “are you copy or real today?”

Jonghyun: I was just kidding (laugh).

Yonghwa: But I don’t like copy cat. Massage robot is necessary!

CNBLUE’s 2012 year became a year of progress. For you guys, how was it like? Please look back on your year in accordance with “ki(glad) do(angry) ai(sad/lonely) raku(fun/comfortable)”.

Yonghwa: First, “glad” is that I could hold many concerts. There is no “angry”. “Sad” is when I stayed home alone during holidays. “Fun” is always, now, this moment…

Jonghyun: Cool! This is Yonghwa!

Yonghwa: …that is my desire. I want to think like that (laugh). Of course sometimes I have a hard time, but when I do live, everything is gone and it becomes “fun”!

How about you, Minhyuk?

Minhyuk: “Glad” is when the four members are together. There is no “angry” for me, either. There is almost no “sad”. “Fun” is still when I do live.

And Jonghyun?

Jonghyun: “Glad” is when I’m on live stage. As for “angry,” I would say no angry even if there it was (laugh). “Sad” when I’m too busy and I don’t have much time to practice well. “Fun” is, me too, when I do live.

As expected, Live band CNBLUE! All of you have common in “fun”=live.

Jonghyun: To be honest, while I’m performing live, I don’t have any memory at that moment. I have many things to do, so I’m totally busy (laugh). In a sense, I realize the pleasure at once when I leave the stage. Also, when I head for encore stage, it is exciting that fans’s voice gets louder (to hear). Then, when I stand on the stage, I become absorbed with playing again (laugh). After the concert, even after I come home, a comfortable feeling of live remains. I sleep with that feeling.

Minhyuk: The happiness remains for a while.

Yonghwa: Arena Tour Live DVD will be released in March 2012, so I’d like those who came to enjoy remembering the excitement, and it would be grateful if those who unfortunately couldn’t come watch the DVD and feel CNBLUE live’s “fun”!


By the way, the New Year reminds of “Otoshidama,” the New Year gift money (kids receive from relatives or adults around them on New Year holidays) (laugh). Any impressive thing that you bought with Otoshidama?

Yonghwa: I bought clothes and something. But I saved the money properly, too.

Minhyuk: I also saved almost all.

Jonghyun: Great! I used all (laugh). But in fact, as my relatives was living abroad, the amount I got was small in the first place. So, I was so envious that friends around me got a lot.

Yonghwa: After all, I spent all the money that I saved with Otoshidama when I came to Seoul.


It rather made the way to CNBLUE. Would Jungshin save or use it soon?

Yonghwa: He would save it.

By the way, there are many musicians who spend a lot of money for instruments and equipment.

Jonghyun: That’s exactly me (laugh). I haven’t thought it’s a waste as long as it’s related to music. The more expensive it is, the more it motivates me.

Yonghwa: When I crush on a guitar, I bought it without caring about the price.


How many (guitars) do you have now?

Yonghwa: I have 7 or 8.

Jonghyun: I have more than 10.

Minhyuk: Because I’m a drummer, I have 1 drum set. I have 3 snare drums, too.

Lastly, please tell us your impression looking back on 2012 and your desire on 2013.

Minhyuk: In 2012, we held many live concerts. Through those concerts, I got a sense of self-composure little by little.

Wasn’t it hard when you do acting and band activities at the same time?

Minhyuk: To be honest, I was okay, but I was sometimes worried about Jungshin because it was his first drama. But he is working so hard.

Jonghyun: Jungshin looks matured for the first time (laugh).

Yonghwa: This year (2012) I could concentrate on music activity and I wrote many songs. I could absorb various things as an artist. Next year (2013), I want to use what I absorbed to grow more as an artist, and I also want to hold a lot of concerts.

Jonghyun: This year was a no-regrets year, so next year I will keep this pace and work hard!

Minhyuk: In 2013, Yonghwa is the Man of Year (a man who was born in a year with the same Chinese zodiac as the current year).

Yonghwa: Because I’m a snake man who was born in Year of the Snakes (laugh).

Minhyuk: So, I think in this year we will be more promising in many ways!

Yonghwa: Soon after the New Year, on 14 January, we will be releasing an album in Korea. Please keep giving your attention to CNBLUE in 2013!



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