CNBLUE’s Yonghwa reveals he checked the ranking of his self-composed song “I’m Sorry” every hour


CNBLUE performed their first comeback stage for their title track, “I’m Sorry“, on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank‘ and held a brief interview backstage where they revealed their excitement for their comeback.

CNBLUE stated, “Although we are a bit tired from our overseas schedule the previous day, we are joyful that we are able to perform all-live for our comeback stage.”

Yonghwa shared, “After the release of the song, I think I checked the music chart rankings every hour,” as he smiled. He then added, “More than anything, because it is a song that we made, we feel that we can perform it more carefree. We had fun practicing in anticipation of the live stage on broadcast.”

As you know, the four-member band released their 4th mini-album, ‘Re:BLUE‘, and its title track “I’m Sorry” quickly achieved an all-kill onreal-time charts.

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One snowy day, they withdrew themselves from the cold but they started singing and chatting as soon as the interview started. They were just naughty, making funny faces and acting silly during every photo shoot’s break. It makes me wonder what make them so happy to be with each other even though they are all together all the time.

*[Photo 2nd caps] Open the window wide! Wondering how CNBLUE will welcoming fans 2013*


Before they become exhausted from their long overseas tour, news about their return was heard. When they were asked about their new album, they put down the cookies they were eating and become serious.

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*[Photo 4th caps] Vocalist Jung Yonghwa, He is relishing music with ears instead of neck*

Yonghwa: This new album is one where all the members of the group have high involvement in it. Maybe that is why this album contains our true colors and feelings. Through this album we show our fans our real identity through music.

Jungshin: You will understand as soon as you listen to the songs. First it definitely sounds different compared to the last album, Bluetory and the instruments used in the new songs are more various.

Yonghwa: I would like to say that 2013 is a new beginning personally since we are starting the New Year with another new album. I would love to start 2013 just like when I made debut.

Jungshin: Continuing… I want to continue to act and work on my music in the New Year. I will concentrate only on that. Just like what I have been doing. I used the word of “continuing” for the New Year as I consider 2013 to become an extension of 2012 and I will keep trying to become a better actor and singer.

Jonghyun: Right now, at this moment I believe that we are so lucky. So I honestly do not wish for anything bigger or more but I just want to continue to keep working with joy.

Minhyuk: A little more… I wish for a more mature mindset, effort and progress.


A group who challenged themselves in the acting field after taking pause in their musical activities, CNBLUE, Each member of this team put themselves on a lane to perform another face, not as a team but individually. Fortunately, everyone overcome their fear of the new challenge and made completing the new challenge a possibility.

Jonghyun: I did not think of anything other than music in the beginning but I decide to go into the acting field because people around me continuously suggested me to do so. After the experience, I realized the decision help my musical activities as well. When I compose song and perform on stage, putting more expression into them become so much easier after I started acting.

Jungshin: I am not a great actor but my passion for acting is great.  I believe I put in all my effort when I act because of my passion. Acting practice? I memorize every word of the script and draw a picture of the scene in my head.

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*[Picture caps] Lee Jungshin who plays a 5 stringed bass. He occurs relaxed like the sound of the lowest string*

Minhyuk: I always get into the character with all my heart when I act. It is easier when I think of how the character’s feels instead of my own personal emotions but I try to live like the character that I play.

Jonghyun: I am a little different than Minhyuk, I adjust my own feeling for the character with my own standard and apply it in each scene in the script. I do not have an advanced standard yet, I just try to understand how it would feel if I were the character and just play the role.


Idol band, this title has followed them since their debut. This title well expresses the present CNBLUE but since their music value is a little different than many other idol groups, the title is a deep ingrained image of the group. However they understand that it is the time to remove the title and move on to the next level on their musical career.

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*[Picture caps] Drummer is not usually noticed… But kang Minhyuk is the exception*

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*[Picture caps] The guitarist Lee Jonghyun with a gloomy look I showed on that day*

Jungshin: I want to have more performing experiences. I feel like I am improving myself every time I prepare for a performance. As I am actually participating in the preparation, I always learn so many new things. I saw a video clip on You Tube of a group of fans playing our song. What I was realized that there are numerous people who actually can play musical instruments well. There are so many rivals around us! (Laugh)

Yonghwa: This New Year will be the year that we can find our own color and individuality of CNBLUE. I would like to say we have pursued variety in our music but from now onwards we want to seek something new. Also I set a goal for my self to become a vocalist who has a deep and sonorous voice so I can be a singer with a long life span. I will put more effort in taking care of my vocal chords because I want to sing even when I get much older.

Minhyuk: I wish we can settle on a uniqueCNBLUE’s style. We are creating a highly individual style for CNBLUE, one that is unique and only one exist. However we will never forget our mindset of seeking new challenges. My favorite musician is Akira Jimbo. What he does on stage is that he does not emphasize his part but he focuses on creating harmony with other instruments. I think that is how he continuous to make his own style of music. What I also want to be is a catalyst for CNBLUE rather than just focus on playing my part.

Jonghyun: What I want is to make music that the public likes and want to reflect on. I would like to adjust and change our style of music as the world changes. I will just follow the natural flow. Personally I want to become a great guitarist. A great guitarist even when I am gets old. Actually my biggest goal I life is to become an awesome elderly man (laugh). Just like Eric Clapton, he is old but great.

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Even though the image they have settled into is soft, each word of their song contains their strong beliefs. Their faith is not transient or even vainly ambitious. The strong identity that CNBLUE exudes in one of freedom and variety. To make this identity complete, every member is looking in the same direction.

When the editor was about to ask them the last question, a cat on the other side of the studio caught Minhyuk’s eye. The cat was such a scheme as it attached itself to Minhyuk’s shoulder. What a scheming female cat. The interview concluded with the stylist busily brushing off cat’s fur from Minhyuk’s jacket.

From music to acting and a musical comeback with another album. CNBLUE seems ready to take a leap forward into the new CNBLUE. I very mush look forward to seeing their new potential in 2013.


#For the first time I have different opinion with Jonghyun. For me, I always want to keep my own mindset and idealism while Jonghyun likes to follow the natural flow. Hmmm Jonghyun, I wanna see what changes you will make to CNBLUE and I wonder if I can keep my bias to you ~.^#      

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