Actually I was decided not to make any review for Re:BLUE but the more I listen to the album the more I have many thought to share so I wrote this.

As we are all know the outstanding Korean rock band CNBLUE had drop their newest mini album entitled Rabble stand for their biggest wish (and many boices too I am sure and me included) to be reborn with the true identity. Wondering why? Korean has not many band exist (as far as I know) especially who brings like CNBLUE’s color, Korean musical mainstream are packed with dance group both boys and girls. Also, I don’t know if it is a rule or most of Korean singer unable to write and compose their own song, Korean seems less singer that put their name in the credit track list. And this happen too toward CNBLUE, although for Japanese releases they are used their self-composed and gained (if I can’t say very) good responses and feedback since it constantly landed at the top chart. But for Korean market? Don’t even dare to wish hearing Yonghwa or Jonghyun’s instead.

During Ear Fun interview, Yonghwa reveal that he trying to stand against the company wish and asked for their self-composed song to be title track, in the end? As expected he fail. The company only let his song, Still In Love, to be promotional single who released not long before Ear Fun officially released. Though it wasn’t completely his since there another name put side by side with his name. What a shame!

Back to the Re:Blue, why I said it is like their true identity? It is because the title track to be Yonghwa’s self-composed song yet again (and all over again) the name of Han Seungho put before his. However, I’m Sorry, doesn’t sound like their past single Hey You or Intuition, different from I’m a Loner and definitely not Love’s style. And one more disappointment is that I realized Jonghyun’s song only one included and his voice also decreases. I am not expecting this, but since Yonghwa had many trouble to put up himself then Jonghyun surely has more! Really, their company should give them more space to breath.

Contain 5 new songs and Where You Are English version who previously attached at their first Japanese Major Album Code Name Blue, Re:BLUE offering brand new sound for Korean listener. Korean listener? Yes, I said that because honestly those 5 songs aren’t new style for those who listened to their Japanese releases. The difference between I’m Sorry, Na Gudael Boda, Coffee Shop, Naran Namja, La La La and Where You Are and their other Japanese releases only in language.

Listening to the Re:Blue it is like, ah… finally they are able to do what kind of music they want in their homeland. Though maybe it will take some more time for them if they want to release fierce songs like Get Away or Come On (those are my favorite).

I’m Sorry has a unique sound, combine electric sound and Jonghyun’s guitar and many pop sound deliver  this song as a bridge to CNBLUE’s style to the Korean listener who might surprise with how the song comes out. A fresh sound I can say.

reblue2 (2)

Ballad lover? Then I recommend you to listen to the Na Geudael Boda, pop rock ballad with flowing and acoustics sound, this song suit most if you want to serenade to your lover or someone special. Jonghyun’ s sweet voice marry with Yonghwa’ sweet husky voice made this song sound perfect.

Next was Coffee Shop, a funky rock song. Once again Yonghwa shows his side by writing this song.  According to Jungshin, they decided to write this song since they often visit coffee shop, then the idea of the theme was occurred. While Minhyuk has another story that actually he was hoping the title track will be this song instead of I’m Sorry and urge to everyone to listen to this song (and he was right, I’m addicted to this song instead of I’m Sorry, I favorite before). Jonghyun? He proudly saying that he loves the guitar riff and looking forward to the live performance.


Try to find another No More? Then you got to listen to the Naran Namja. Bringing the dance sound and firm low bass sound Naran Namja has one more CNBLUE’s sound though according to Yonghwa it is the song who tells about parting. Other thing, I personally wish that Yonghwa singing partner in this song will be Jungshin instead of Jonghyun. It wasn’t because I bias to him, I just do feeling if Jungshin’s voice more suit with the rhythm and beats.

The last one, La La La, the only song who has Korean style. Yet Yonghwa gives another touch, CNBLUE touch if I may say, with solo piano intro, he seems addict recently (since he had played Feeling and These Days at Arena Tour I guess) plus duets Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s vocals bring harmony.

Ahh… I don’t understand with the lyric, no worries and don’t bother with the lyric because me too, I don’t  speak Korean didn’t mean that I understand Japanese either but Japanese more familiar to me since I ever live there. Just simply listen to their music, feel the rhythm, enjoy the beats, shook your head (or may be your hip?) and let their music filling up your head!

So if you seeking something new, something fresh and funky, I am highly recommended this album! You won’t regret listening and feeling their passion toward music. For me personally, I will give two thumbs up and may be 75 points from the 100.

Then turn your player on, put the Re:BLUE inside together yelling “Michoso!!! Michoso!!”  ermmmm I will shout “ back back to me I’m so crazy” instead, well sorry, once bias is always bias.


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