CN Blue Touches on the ′Infinity Challenge′ Music Issue

Amidst a giant controversy surrounding the MBC Infinity Challenge singles that won′t cool down, CN Blue recently opened up on the issue in an interview with enews.

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When asked about the issue, the members seemed to agree that the public′s choice is the most important above all.

Jung Yong Hwa said, “If you look at the ranks the Infinity Challenge singles have been landing in, you can see what kind of music the public wants. I don′t see it as a bad thing just because it affects the ranks of singers, as it′s the music the public likes and it′s the music the public chose.”

“Even people who work in music like us want to listen to fun music, and it′s probably the same with the public,” he added. “I think it′s great that it′s bringing in more genres as well as energy to the market.”

He also said, “They often split between major music, minor music, indie bands and major bands, but all these categories come together to make up Korea′s music. I hope more varieties of music become popular with the K-Pop boom.”

The controversy centers around songs comedian Park Myung Soo composed for an Infinity Challenge special. The songs landed on the top ranks of charts, pushing out other singers.

Many, including the Korea Entertainment Producer′s Association, voiced negative opinions on the music, pointing at the quality of the songs and a possible monopolization of the music market by a large and well-funded broadcasting channel.

Lee Jong Hyun said, “There′s a reason the public likes Infinity Challenge′s music. If people listen to the music and it makes them feel good, that is good music. I don′t believe they harmed us in the music market in any way.”

Bassist Lee Jung Shin also said, “Rather than care for our ranks on the charts, we′re happy if we can perform our music in front of as many people as possible make them feel happy.”

“We work hard to release our singles and perform in front of the public; you can′t say that Park Myung Soo hyung (big brother) didn′t put in the same effort,” Kang Min Hyuk said. “I believe the controversy started up because he′s a comedian rather than a singer, but I hope everyone sees it the same way they see singers act as actors.”

CN Blue recently released its fourth mini album Re:BLUE, full of the members′ self-written tracks.


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3 thoughts on “CN Blue Touches on the ′Infinity Challenge′ Music Issue

  1. never heard park myungsoo’s song, but i love infinity challange eventough didnt follow it like running man. only watch some episode and cuts. i respect this show just because yoo jaesuk and haha (from running man) were fix member of this show 😛

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