CNBLUE has topped the Billboard World Albums Chart!

The band’s fourth mini album “Re:BLUE” has been enjoying incredible success in Korea and Japan, and the results were good enough to top the World Albums chart.

“Re:BLUE“ had over 100,000 pre-orders, and features a title track penned and composed by the leader Yonghwa, along with many other self-composed works by the CNBLUE quartet. The title of the mini-album, ‘Re:BLUE‘, stands for ‘the rebirth of a new CNBLUE’.

The mini album also snagged #22 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums.

Congratulations to CNBLUE!

*earlier I just read their interview that Yonghwa said, Billboard doesn’t sound impossible if they keep working hard! coincidentally, on the next few hour I reached this fantastic news!!!*

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cblue can can march issue4

cblue can can march issue2

*Secret Members*

Yonghwa to Minhyuk
MH has a good body balance.
His face is very small, right?
So sensitive, good person.
Such cute atmosphere, he is manly when he plays drums.
He is younger but he has strong will, he can do what he should do exactly.

He is too much into game, the best gamer among members.

His secret is, he has no volume of hip! (laugh)
My hip is cute (laugh).
I wanna recommend a lady as MH’s girl friend, earnest/diligent, innocent and elegant person.

Minhyuk toYonghwa
Yonghwa hyung is reliable, deep emotionally and kindly person.
Really a perfect person.
Has nothing as bad point.
(YOnghwa: that’s right! I’m a perfect almost like not a human (laugh))
Perfect! Ah! He has thicker legs compared with other members (laugh)!
A lady who suit Yonghwa hyung is, younger, charming person.
He gave me many advise about acting a lot.
He always helped me in my heart.
(Yonghwa: I didn’t help you! Just played together!)


Jonghyun to Minhyuk
Minhyuk is really earnest.
Too earnest, so I think sometimes he should be relax.
The most neat person among us, like a “mother” in our dorm.
Minhyuk and Jungshin are cleanliness freak.
They can cleaning, washing and cooking.
If I and Yonghwa hyung doing those, get in the way (laugh)
For Minhyuk’s girlfriend, sincerely person is good.
And then, innocent!
He is too ernest so I think younger girl is better for him..

Minhyuk to Jonghyun
Jonghyun hyung is frank like a neighbour brother, manly, dependable in a pinch.
I’m playing or fooling around with Jungshin or Yonghwa hyung, with Jonghyun hyung, I’m talking about music.
Exchanging our fav music for example, because of Jonghyun hyung’s influence, I’m also listening “ONE OK ROCK”.
When I make a song,  the two hyungs give me advices.
Anyway, Jonghyun hyung, always stays at home without clothes..
I think, a women who have a thought of herself would suit Jonghyun hyung.

Yonghwa to Jonghyun
Jonghyun really loves music, always playing guitar very hard.
But he is playing guitar too much, really noisy!!!
From early morning till midnight, keep playing..
But  I and JS never wake up.
(Jonghyun: I’m a short sleeper, so I’m playing guitar (laugh))
Mine and Jonghyun’s ideal type of woman is the same!
Not physical appearance, but personality.
We are like mature and cheerful person.
About Jungshin, he is tender so if he meets playgirl, he will spend hard time so we are worried.

Jonghyun to Yonghwa
He is older, so neat person about work also.
I have matured thought so I can talk well with Yonghwa hyung.
He is funny!
Actually he has childish side, frolic/playful, so I wonder if he would be tired.

He can keep sleeping never end.
He sleeps on his face down, so I’m afraid that he might not breathing!
Jungshin sleeps more than hyung.
By the way, my secret? I wanna say by myself!
I’m naked at dorm.
Only wearing pants (laugh).
For Yonghwa hyung, listen to his story well, funny, strong-minded woman is better!


cblue can can march issue3

cblue can can march issue6

If I’m not a singer, I would studying music at musical college while playing guitar.
Or athlete.
My father said to me “Man should be strong!”
I’m going to gym with members, I like exercise!

I will going for snow board with members and manager.
Yonghwa hyung is the best player of snow board, we others are almost same.
Manager is good like a pro snow boarder!

If I have a girlfriend, I want  chocolate of course , I wanna make and sing a song for her.
My ideal date is, well, go to Onsen(spa) in Japan.

If robot like a Doraemon is exists, I want “Jonghyun’s robot” same as me!
Then when I’m tired that robot can works instead of me!(laugh)

If I’m a girl,I wanna choose Minhyuk as boyfriend. Ah no, husband.
because he’s earnest.
Jungshin is a younger brother because he is charming.
Yonghwa hyung is boyfriend.
Funny and reliable, so good for boyfriend.


cblue can can march issue7

If i’m not a musician, maybe I will go to university, while studying seriously, I wanna enjoying CC (=Campus Couple)!
Going faculty of Economics was my dream since I was young, but I could much..
But, my music result always had “A” rank!

If I got a week holidays, I wanna go to UK.
I like London’s atmosphere, I went there when I was junior school, though, I didn’t know it because I was too young at that time.
And I wanna meet my old friends.
All of them goes to army  they will back soon, though.

If I have a girl friend, choccolate is not important, I wanna go on a date!
My ideal date is, I’ve never thought about it since  I have no girlfriend.
In winter, I wanna go to snow board together, in summer, I wanna go to see the ocean
If I have a robot like Doraemon, umm..
I’m happy if I have a tool which can express inside of my heart/thought by music.

If I’m a girl, I wanna be Yonghwa hyung’s lover!
He is funny and will lead me.
Husband, Jungshin is best, since he can hear wife’s voice well (laugh).
Reliable brother is, Jonghyun hyung!!

My ideal type is a woman who has beautiful eyes.
Personality is important rather than looks/appearance.
Listening senior Kband “NELL” songs these days. it makes me heal!


cblue can can march issue5

If I’m not a singer, umm I cannot imagine.
I was thinking want to be a singer only since I was junior high.
I think I would spend usual days while playing with friends.
But still I can’t imagine!!

If I got a week holidays, I wanna do snow board at Hokkaido.
I started snow boarding when I was 6years old, I love it.
Busan has less snow, though, there are many sky resort near Seoul, so I often go there when I have spare time.

If I have a girl friend, at Valentine’s day, wanna eat steak, and go to  cafe.
I would choose a perfume as present.
I’m happy if my girlfriend uses my favourite scent!
Valentine’s memory..? I have no special memories (laugh)!
I wasn’t popular when I was a student, I’m not familiar with such events, like Christmas.
That’s true!

If I have a robot like Doraemon, I want a tool for fly like airplane.
Then I can go everywhere, right?
If I have that tool now I wanna go Europe.

If I’m a girl..husband is nothing (among the members)(laugh)!!
Boyfriend, Minhyuk is better.
Jungshin and Jonghyun are just friends (laugh).
I don’t know.

My ideal type is a woman who has long hair and feminine.
Listening John Legend “P.D.A.” these days.

*I wonder how many interview they had in that day, ’cause with the same cloth I already post many, lol*

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kbs open concert16

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kbs open concert18

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CN Blue to Release Self-Designed Limited Edition Version of ‘Re:BLUE’

Special, limited-edition copies of CN Blue’s latest albums will soon hit the market.reblue le yh jh

FNC Entertainment announced on January 24 that it would be released four versions of limited edition copies of Re:Blue.

The different versions will represent each member and will also contain drawings by the CN Blue members, as well as a special postcard.

reblue le  mh js

The agency added, “As the album contains each member’s individual colors, we anticipate the reaction from fans will be passionate. As the members not only composed all the tracks of this album but took part in the album’s production, we believe the album’s value will be all the more meaningful.”

CN Blue recently returned with Re:Blue led by the single, I’m Sorry.


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CNBLUE Shares Thoughts on FT Island

Idol band CNBLUE opened up about family band FT Island.

CNBLUE debuted in 2010 as a four-member band while FT Island debuted in 2007 as a five-member band. Both groups are continuously fighting against a negative stereotyping of an idol band at the crossroads between an idol and a band.

First, CNBLUE member Lee Jonghyun called FT Island a doubtlessly skilled band. “I am always impressed at their concert,” he said. “They are more experienced than us so it’d be weird for them to not to do well. As a family member, it’s heartbreaking to see FT Island get underestimated.”

Kang Minhyuk added, “I felt that they’ve done a lot more concerts than us and there’s a lot to learn from them.”

And Jung Yonghwa said, “We are after a completely different music style but we enjoy each other’s performance. FT Island have the features that we don’t have. There are many things we can relate because we are a family and a band.”

Then Yonghwa compared himself to FT Island’s main vocalist Lee Hongki.105biat


“Hongki’s greatest advantage is that he can run around without carrying an instrument,” he said. “I like that he gives off so much energy. He’s really fit and doesn’t get exhausted. I guess you can call him a lazy genius? He is really gifted and I get jealous whenever he sings a passionate ballad or screaming songs. I, on the other hand, prefer rhythmic songs.”

Yonghwa also commented on their different singing style.

“We often talk about which song would be better for who,” he said.

Yonghwa continued, “FT Island and we have different formats to begin with. FT Island are better at jumping with the audience and relate to the crowd. But we are at our best when four of us are united on the stage. So it’s better for us to stay together instead of running around the stage.”

So can we look forward to FT Island and CNBLUE’s joint performance?

Lee Jonghyun: “We tried to do it once last year but it didn’t work out.  It’s amazing how we become friends with our counter-parts and talk to each other often. We plan on performing together soon.”

Source My Daily

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CNBLUE’s Yonghwa reveals TVXQ’s Yunho asked him for a song

promotional picts13

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa revealed that TVXQ‘s Yunho asked him for a self-composed song.

For the first time since CNBLUE’s debut, a song written and composed by Yonghwa has been used as their title track. His agency FNC Entertainment acknowledged his talent by making “I’m Sorry” the title track for their album ‘Re:Blue‘, and his song is proving its worth by ranking in the top five on various online music charts.

Yonghwa has even created songs for his juniors Juniel and AOA, and after concluding his promotions last year, he focused his attention on songwriting. Yonghwa confessed, “I felt the pain of composing for the first time.

Now that he has become an acknowledged songwriter, many artists are coming up to him and asking if they can have one of his songs. Even seniors have come up to him to ask for a song, and Yonghwa shared about that instance, explaining, “At an award ceremony last year, I met TVXQ’s Yunho, and he asked me, ‘Can you write a song that will be included in our 10-year anniversary album?’ ZE:A‘s Kwanghee has also made a similar request.

The number of people asking Yonghwa for songs has increased, and he appreciates the attention, but he is hesitant to give his songs to an artist other than CNBLUE. He explained, “I felt really good when I heard that I have been receiving many requests to write songs, but I don’t feel comfortable about participating in other artists’ albums yet.

He also shared his ambition on writing different genres, stating, “When I wrote songs for my juniors, it was fun making songs from different genres like dance and ballad. I want to create a variety of songs.

Source Allkpop

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