CNBLUE Shares Thoughts on FT Island

Idol band CNBLUE opened up about family band FT Island.

CNBLUE debuted in 2010 as a four-member band while FT Island debuted in 2007 as a five-member band. Both groups are continuously fighting against a negative stereotyping of an idol band at the crossroads between an idol and a band.

First, CNBLUE member Lee Jonghyun called FT Island a doubtlessly skilled band. “I am always impressed at their concert,” he said. “They are more experienced than us so it’d be weird for them to not to do well. As a family member, it’s heartbreaking to see FT Island get underestimated.”

Kang Minhyuk added, “I felt that they’ve done a lot more concerts than us and there’s a lot to learn from them.”

And Jung Yonghwa said, “We are after a completely different music style but we enjoy each other’s performance. FT Island have the features that we don’t have. There are many things we can relate because we are a family and a band.”

Then Yonghwa compared himself to FT Island’s main vocalist Lee Hongki.105biat


“Hongki’s greatest advantage is that he can run around without carrying an instrument,” he said. “I like that he gives off so much energy. He’s really fit and doesn’t get exhausted. I guess you can call him a lazy genius? He is really gifted and I get jealous whenever he sings a passionate ballad or screaming songs. I, on the other hand, prefer rhythmic songs.”

Yonghwa also commented on their different singing style.

“We often talk about which song would be better for who,” he said.

Yonghwa continued, “FT Island and we have different formats to begin with. FT Island are better at jumping with the audience and relate to the crowd. But we are at our best when four of us are united on the stage. So it’s better for us to stay together instead of running around the stage.”

So can we look forward to FT Island and CNBLUE’s joint performance?

Lee Jonghyun: “We tried to do it once last year but it didn’t work out.  It’s amazing how we become friends with our counter-parts and talk to each other often. We plan on performing together soon.”

Source My Daily

Trans Credit DJ.Pri @ Tumblr

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