CNBLUE pick Minhyuk as the member who nags the most

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On the January 28th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘, CNBLUE featured as guests and revealed Minhyuk as the member who nags the most.

During the show, guest Kang Joo Hyun revealed his frustration over having to listen to his older brother’s daily three-hour nagging for the past four years. Upon hearing this story, the MCs asked CNBLUE which member nags the most. All of the members pointed towards Minhyuk.

Jonghyun explained, “Minhyuk hates it when [we drip water outside of the tub] and reprimands us for it,” revealing the extent of Minhyuk’s nagging. Yonghwa added, “I hung a shower curtain for the first time since I was born,” making the studio to burst into laughter.



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