*Disclaimer: this trans only based from the ‘s tweet and surely will b update once the full one is out*

the fnc2

What is Shoes to Jung Yonghwa?

My property, my treasure.

What makes you happiest these days?

Working with Minhyuk.

How is your new dorm?

It’s not a joke. (=very good)

Recently what you did ‘I’m sorry’?

I used all of Jungshin’s moisture cream. ( ^o^)

What is Jonghyun to Yonghwa?


What is Minhyuk to Yonghwa?

Poor guy.

What is Jungshin to Yonghwa?

My slave.

What is CNBLUE to Yonghwa?

My family.

(so it’s mean in Yonghwa’s family there are guitarist, poor guy and SLAVE. Very goog family composition Yonghwa).

Jonghyun: What do you do just before you close your eyes?

Yonghwa: Turn out the aroma candles.

Jonghyun: When do you feel Jonghyun is cool?

Yonghwa: I need to think to find out.

Minhyuk: (interrupt question) If Minhyuk and Jungshin fell into water, who would you rescue first?

Yonghwa: I will survive by myself. (Dear Yonghwa, what Minhyuk meant was you got to choose between them not yourself, lol).

Minhyuk: At dorm, Jonghyun hyung walks around without wearing clothes. He really hates to put something on his body. It seems he wants to show off his body shape he built at gym.

Jonghyun: It’s a secret. I have 王 character (meaning six packs?) on my tummy. Other  don’t know, but actually I have  good enough body shape to show off!!!

What if you become a CEO of the FNC?

I don’t suit for being a CEO.

What is Yonghwa to Jonghyun?

Reliable elder brother.

What is Minhyuk to Jonghyun?

Reliable younger brother.

What is Jungshin to Jonghyun?

Stupid younger brother.

What is CNBLUE to Jonghyun?


(inside of Jonghyun himself there are complicated personality because it contain reliable elder and younger brothers plus one STUPID brother, no wonder his answers below make me dizzy  :p)

Yonghwa: What is tracksuit to Jonghyun?

Jonghyun: A close friend.

Yonghwa: What is the thing you must throw away right now?

Jonghyun: My tracksuit.

Yonghwa: Who is the fashion terrorist in CNBLUE?

Jonghyun: Who? Not me. (lol)

Yonghwa: What do you want to do right now?

Jonghyun: I want to go home.

Yonghwa: What do you want to do if you go home?

Jonghyun: I want to wash.

Yonghwa: What do you do as soon as you open your eyes?

Jonghyun: I wash.

Yonghwa: What is the most annoying thing to you?

Jonghyun: To wash in the morning.

Yonghwa: When is the happiest time in one day?

Jonghyun: When I sleep.

Yonghwa: When do you feel Jung Yonghwa is the coolest?

Jonghyun: What is cool? We see each other everytime, it’s just creepy.

js the fnc

Minhyuk: I have many scars on my body, which I got when I fell off.  What I want to erase from my memory is, when I learned swimming for the first time at 6th grade of elementary school. I challenged harder than my skill. I tried diving, but my swimming pants were taken off. There were a lot of girls behind me, I was so embarrassed. I am good at almost all kinds of games. Although I meet a new game, I can master it in a few minutes. My members never ask me to play with. I feel thrilled when I master a brand new game. A person whom I hope to see on the street in front of my eyes? A lady’s back who is wearing a dark navy long coat, black skinny jean. big neat muffler, medium hill, light waved hair. I like a person who looks at me only. So I will never see my ideal type on the street. But if I see, I would approach and talk to her.

3 abilities you want to have?

Drumming skill, better looking face, being a good son to my parents.

33 year-old Kang Minhyuk is still in CNBLUE?

I will be performing at CNBLUE concert. At audience seat, my wife will be looking at me. (he already assume on that time he already marries to somebody?)

Good points of Kang Minhyuk?

Mild personality.

The most favorite coffee & cake?

Americano with syrup  and sweet potato cake.

What is Jungshin to Minhyuk?

A friend.

What is Yonghwa to Minhyuk?

Reliable eldest brother.

What is Jonghyun to Minhyuk?

Reliable second brother.

What is CNBLUE to Minhyuk?

My everything.

(then in Minhyuk’s stuff has reliable eldest and second brothers plus friend, mild personality and life, a cute Minhyuk.)

Jungshin: Do you have intention of widening your eyes?

Minhhyuk: No.

Jungshin: Do you have intention of whitening your skin? You’re too yellow.

Minhhyuk: I’m attending dermatology regularly. (I never do one ^o^)

Jungshin: What would you do if the company ordered you to shave your hair.

Minhhyuk: No problem (doing it)

Jungshin: What would you do if the company ordered you to raise hair as long as Jungshin? (lol, Jungshin your hair now as short as the others)

Minhhyuk: No problem.

Jungshin: Do you follow well like that whoever ordered you?

Minhhyuk: I do after I see who is ordering.

Jungshin: Your butt is too small, don’t you intend to make it bigger doing exercise?

Minhyuk: About exercise, I’m better than you. I’m working on it.

You’re eating pork with Minhyuk, only one piece left. How would you do?

I will let Minhyuk eat it, because he looks miserable. (and you don’t? your hyungs bully you at the same time)

If you had a younger sister, whom would you want to introduce to?

I will not introduce her to anybody. (lol over protective elder brother)

You became to have a big debt, who will loan you big money?

It seems nobody will loan. (poor Jungshin)

If you met a big accident, whom will you ask help to?

Yonghwa hyung, because he’s a big brother. I will never ask Jonghyun hyung. Actually he will not be helpful.

What is Minhyuk to you?

A sparrow.

What is Yonghwa to you?

‘Yong’ dove.

What is Jonghyun to you?

A poor elder brother.

What is CNBLUE to you?


(well, in Jungshin’s pal has a sparrow, Yong’s dove and poor elder brother, what a life Jungshin ^^)

Minhyuk: If a person you love liked Minhyuk?

Jungshin: I would just say, “I see.”

Minhyuk: What of Jungshin is better than cats?

Jungshin: I’m bigger.

Minhyuk: What of Jungshin is worse than cats?

Jungshin: I have less hair than cat. (:@)

the fnc


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    • do u think u’re the one, first time I read this it leave me open mouthed iwas wondering if they’d this interview in shape they’re hangover lol the most ridiculous were tom n jerry, less his sense of stupidity was yonghwa and the most normal one was minhyuk, hahaha

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