ahhh goodbye I’m Sorry, thanks for the beautiful memories for about 43 days, waiting for the upcoming BLUE MOON :))


Q: Please say hello to our KBS World Radio listeners.

 (Yong-hwa) KBS World Radio listeners, Hello! We’re CNBLUE.

Q: Please tell us about your new album with the title song “I’m Sorry”.

(Yong-hwa) First, there’s a total of six songs. All the songs we wrote ourselves. We’re currently in the midst of promoting our title song “I’m Sorry”. We hope you’ll take much interest.


Q: Could you tell us about your music video and any memorable incidents that happened while shooting it?

(Yong-hwa) Well, first, we were so happy that our music video was filmed in London, the home of rock music. We had a concert first, and then shot the music video the next day, but it rained more than we had anticipated, so that our shoot kept getting delayed. Thus we were able to spend a longer time in London shooting the video. The rooftop scene, we were originally supposed…

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