Taiwan continues to show love for CNBLUE’s ‘Re:Blue’

Looks like CNBLUE‘s popularity in Taiwan isn’t about to settle down anytime soon!

The talented boys already ranked #1 on various Taiwanese charts even before the official release of their new album in the country, and then topped daily charts after the release (on the 20th). With a week gone by, Taiwan’s ‘G Music‘ chart for Asia Album Chart has updated that ‘Re:Blue‘ topped their weekly chart.

But that’s not all, since the boys also took over the Korean Popularity Chart on ‘KK Box‘, ranking #1 with “I’m Sorry” and ranking in the top 10 with the other songs included in the album.

A perfect way to usher in their world tour, which CNBLUE will be kicking off in Taiwan on April 6th.

Congratulations to CNBLUE!


* My note is, that all the song in Re:Blue sit on top 10!!! What a great. Even Where You Are include on the chart. This song actually an old song who had released earlier last year and hit #1 Oricon chart. This song then attached on CNBLUE first Japanese major album, Code Name Blue and now it was include in Re:Blue too. What I’m glad about this song is, they do not translate it in to Korean like they did for In My Head and use the English version instead (although basically this song is mostly in English).*

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