Jungshin Twitter Update

I rarely posted their tweet but today, Jungshin was updating something random as usual and his personality best known as random as his tweet.

Five days ago he randomly photoshoped his hyung and noona in My Daughter Seoyoung since two of them unable to joind their goodbye dinner and today he randomly (again) posted his room.

The one who shocking me was how neat his room is. Everything was put nicely just like display shop and he said the neat one is before he cleaned up, then how it would be once he did? lol.

Also, he shows his many dermatology stuff he use for his face (mostly) and his definately much more organized and quite more compare mine.

This is the slightly look of Jungshin’s room

js room

여러분 정신입니다~ 날씨가 너무 좋네요..놀러가고 싶은날이지만..ㅋ 일본곡 녹음할게 있어서 연습하던중에 갑자기 용화형이 작업실사진 올린게생각나서 찍었는데..뭐..그래요 맞아요! 그냥 제가 이렇게 정신없이 산다구요.. 정리좀 해야되는데 뭐부터 정리해야 될지..ㅋ 어쨌든 제 방의 일부분 첫 공개! 용화형은 작업실공개 저는..그냥 잡화공개..! 좋은하루 되세요~


Everyone it’s me Jungshin~ The weather is really great.. I wanna hang out but.. ㅋ while practicing for our Japanese song I suddenly remember Yonghwa Hyung uploaded his new studio..well..that’s right! I’m just living without spirit.. Should clean up but wonder where should I start from.. ㅋ Whatever it is here’s the first look of my room! Yonghwa hyung’s was a studio room, mine is.. just a random room..! Have a nice day~

This is his tweet five days ago,

js tweet3

정신입니다~오늘 내 딸 서영이 마지막 방송날입니다~!ㅠ 많이 응원해주시고 사랑해주셔서 감사드리구요~ 오늘 보영누나께서 멋진 곳에서 식사도 한 턱 내주셔서 모두 맛있게 먹으면서 짧지만 좋은 시간 보냈습니다! 아쉽게도 해진이형, 윤영누나는 다른 스케줄이 있으셔서 함께 못해서 이렇게나마 같이합니다..ㅋㅋ 마지막방송 모두 본방 사수해주시구요! 내 딸 서영이 감독님, 작가님, 배우 선생님, 선배님 모든 스탭 여러분 모두 감사드리구요 행쇼~!^^

Trans :

Jungshin here~ Today is the last episode of MDSY~!ㅠ Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given to me~ Today Boyeong noona treated us to a nice restaurant, it was a short meeting, but everyone ate deliciously and had a great time! Too bad Hejin hyung and Yoonyeong noona couldn’t make it due to schedule conflict, so I guess this would do..ㅋㅋ Please watch the last broadcast live! MDSY director, writer, senior actors and all the staff THANK YOU. Be happy~!^^


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Posted by tara lee @blue plum blossoms decoded



I’m falling from the sky

As the dream hit my head

Leaving me in ocean of sin

The pieces of hope was scattered for I’m not knowing where it is

I’m all alone in the empty crossroad

I know the rain will falling

Again, maybe to swept away this hesitance

The bell was ringing out loud

Wake me up harshly


a day-dreamer girl

Keep on running in the empty street under the dark cloud

Where the future lies full of shadow

Shr tried to fight the fog

Breaking through the wall

Finding a way to keep her dream

The bell was ringing in the silent night

There’s no star giving the light

It just a spark of hope in her eyes to shine in the darkness

And I know now,

I’m falling from the sky

Photo credit by http://vlad-georgescu.deviantart.com/art/Pressure-325031897

Poem and posted by tara lee @blue plum blossoms decoded