MBA students from Yale University visit FNC Entertainment

Some students participating in Yale University‘s MBA program recently visited FNC Entertainment!

The students were able to see K-Pop firsthand through the ‘Yale Study of Management International Experience’. One of the students said, “I chose the Korea visiting program because I am interested in Korea and the entertainment business. I’m awed at seeing FNC Entertainment’s studio with the newest technology, the in-house producer system, and much more. It’s more than I ever expected.

Many of the students expressed that they wanted to participate in an internship at FNC Entertainment, and even looked forward to CNBLUE‘s tour dates in North America.

CEO Han Sung Ho said, “I’ve worked hard to make an entertainment label that gives happiness to people through bands, artists, and good music featuring FNC’s unique color. We’re going to be launching an ‘FNC Entertainment Brand Concert‘ tour with F.T. Island, CNBLUE, Juniel, and AOA so we can emphasize FNC’s colors even further.

FNC Entertainment was the only entertainment company that Yale’s MBA program chose to visit, and all of the FNC Entertainment artists attended to visit the students as well.

According to the CEO, fans can look forward to a family concert with all the FNC Entertainment artists soon! Are you excited?

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Lee Jungshin and Kang Minhyuk on MBC Magic

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On March 10th, Jungshin and Minhyuk were invited as guest for MBC Magic. the show it self become a highlight for me personally and I think for all the Jungshin biased, why? because in the show, Lee Jungshin was shared a paper kiss with a Spanish magician.

Prior before the kiss, the magician called Jungshin and they danced together.


The show had begun when the magician once again called Jungshin and did preparation for the kiss. Jungshin was quite surprise when the magician asked him to applied the purple lipstick she had prepared.

This was how he looked when applied the lipstick around his lips, he seemed to be used to though I think he used to applies lipgloss or lipbalm and definately not the purple one!041

And this is how Minhyuk burst into laughter when seeing Jungshin purple lips.


A moment before kiss the magician teased Jungshin and he just replied shyly with head bowed, lol.


Jungshin also said in english, ‘no I’m fine’ anyway he often uses english too in Japan stage.048

And… finally maknee broke thousands heart into pieces 😦


But don’t cry, now let’s see Jungshin’s strange kiss position. Jungshin had to bent down for he was too high for the magician with his right hand on the magician’s shoulders and the other on his own waist.

051Another funny moments after kiss was when Minhyuk made a sudden confession, ‘why are you dump me and kiss another woman?’

Which then arose the studio into laughter when he frantically explained all he mean is that Jungshin already dump their friendship by kissing a woman.

Meanwhile Jungshin shouted ‘what are you trying to say now?’ by hearing Minhyuk question. Continued with a loud exclaimed, ‘micheoseo!!!’ that means crazy,


*This was only the part where Jungshin did paper kiss, Minhyuk did small trick too but I’m sorry, I did not updating it*

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