CN Blue′s Kang Min Hyuk Looks Like a Real Model in ′Nylon′ Shoot

CN Blue′s Kang Min Hyuk surprised with his perfect body.

A photo from the singer′s shoot for Nylon was recently uploaded on an online community site. The photo gathered attention for showing Kang Min Hyuk with his perfect body despite the fact that the photo had not been retouched.

Netizens commented, “Kang Min Hyuk really looks like an actor” and “He′s sitting down but I can see his perfect body ratio.”

Kang Min Hyuk was recently recognized as an actor through his role in Unexpected You, and has been receiving many love calls from film officials.

He said, “A lot of people think I became a star after my debut with Unexpected You, but that′s not true.”

He then talked about how he appeared in small roles for the film Acoustic, the dramas It′s Okay, Daddy′s Girl and Heartstrings.

Kang Min Hyuk′s photo spread can be found in the April issue of Nylon.

Article Credit enews

Photo Credit FNC Ent

Posted by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded


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