Blind Love Flash Review



That’s sound might can describe my blowing heart right now. Actually I supposed to be on my PC typing my stories since my deadline approaching in days time. but then again CNBLUE distract me!!!! OMG what should I do?

I thought the Blind Love ringtone will at least be release tomorrow Japanese time, but no no no, it just some time ago!

And guess what, as the title make me confuse, well, the song doesn’t meet my expectation as fierce song like their usual Japanese title track but stangely I didn’t mind at all.

The music it self remind me Japan in the autumn, I think it suit most if listening to this song when the leaves falling, playing guitar alone and recalling memories of our beloved one. It sounds traditional but also has some electric vibe, and surely Jonghyun’s guitar is something can’t be missed. Overal the music is light and memorable.

In fact the lyric are telling of person who unable to move on. I just wondering if this song is Jonghyun’s personal experienced since he ever said in interview that sometimes he still remember with his ex, OMG.

Ah, one thing it is the  first time I caught CNBLUE’s song with the lyric said ‘aishiteru’ which mean I love you. xD

Written and Posted by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

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