CN Blue Promises to Build Second School with World Tour Donations

CN Blue will continue to fund its school project with its world tour.
In March 2012, CN Blue built the first ′CN Blue School′ in Burkina Faso, known as one of the poorest countries of Africa. The school was named after the group, and the group has been donating parts of its profits from album and concert ticket sales to the management of the school.Over 100 children currently attend CN Blue School, and it also holds a kindergarten and after school programs and provides meals.The band will continue with the project in the future, and aim to build its second school.

A rep from CN Blue′s agency FNC Entertainment told enews on April 4, “CN Blue will be hosting a world tour to go through Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe, starting in Taiwan on April 6. With the new donations it plans to build its second school.”

Seriously, this announcement success boasting my spirit who down recently. This make me more and more wanted to finish my project The Stars and join those wonderful guys to build the second school!!! I do really hope now and I will try my best and my hard to finish it SOON!!!
Source enews
Photo credit: FNC Entertainment
Posted by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

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