As we are all know Blue Moon CNBLUE 2013 World Tour is going to kick off tomorrow at Taipe Arena. Having sold out of the all class tickets, Blue Moon Taiwan is anticipated to be excited and high. For me personally, I am not surprise with all of the news they bring, especially the sold out tickets and so, I think I can imagine the whole atmosphere of the venue tomorrow night.

Well, here there is some snap-shoot of CNBLUE who landed at Taipe today, April 5th.

Blue Moon press conference

cnb tw presscon3

KKBox Chat

kkbox chat4

kkbox chat2

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CNBLUE’s “Blind Love” PV unveiled

CNBLUE is getting for their new Japanese release “Blind Love” coming up later this month, and ahead of the reveal, the full PV for the track has been unveiled!

The idol band topped charts in Japan even with their latest Korean release, so their upcoming Japanese song is sure to be another hit!

This single will be released on April 24th in Japan in three versions: Limited Edition A, B, and the regular edition. The limited editions will include various footage of the PV, making-of, or their performances depending on the version.

So check out the full PV below!

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I can’t believe that this weekend I’ll be dead by double big events!!! I don’t know whether I still can keep up to updating all of my sites as fast and up to date as possible but well, I’ll try my best.

Here there some compilation of CNBLUE who finally kick off their first world tour, today, April 5th they were leaving Korea to Taiwan.

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bm taiwan dept16CNBLUE airport catwalk

bm taiwan dept17Black and white guys with blue cell-phone case, what did you think Jungshin?

bm taiwan dept8Milky burning, who can resist him?

bm taiwan dept13Army leader, if only I can go along with you leader……

bm taiwan dept5Yahhh there was no Minhyuk solo photo, but I love this couple 🙂

That’s all!!!

Now just waiting for the D-day concert who will held at Taipe Arena  TOMORROW!!

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