Singaporean Star JJ Lin Meets CN Blue Backstage at Its Taiwan Concert

JJ Lin not only went to see CN Blue′s concert, but also got to go backstage to meet the band in person.

The singer recently tweeted a photo showing him posing with the CN Blue members backstage.

In the photo, JJ Lin holds up CN Blue′s most recent album Re:Blue, and gives a big thumbs up to the camera while the other members smile.

JJ Lin is a Singaporean-born singer/songwriter who is popular across Taiwan, China and other areas of Greater China.

Netizens commented, “JJ Lin and CN Blue look great together,” “JJ Lin must like CN Blue′s music” and “The meeting between a big star in Taiwan and a Korean star.”

CN Blue next plans to venture on to Singapore on April 13.


On his twitter, JJ Lin tweeted:

Hello CN Blue! Enjoy your stay in Taiwan n rock the stage!


It is nice to know how JJ Lin as CNBLUE’s senior (both of the stars are belong  to the same label, Warner Music) showing his support. Just for information, JJ Lin already a big Mandopop star for so long. I used to listen to his song during my high school and as Mandopop lover of course I know him well though sadly, since I moved up and leaving Asia, I seem lost in Chinese music. And seeing this picture, enough to bring my memorize back when I fangirling to many of Chinese singers

Source Mwave

Photo and Twitter credit JJ Lin

Posted by Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded