Yuhuuuuu finally after waiting for a long time, Blind Love official PV was released today, although I already watch the MV but for sharing in this blog, I  prefer to wait the official release.

Speaking about this new single that surprising me due to the whole song did not meet with my expectation but strangely I did not mind at all. This title track, Blind Love is just a rock slow and has a ballad vibe. Not surprise since it was Lee Jonghyun who composed and wrote the lyric. To be honest, once FNC Ent Japan revealed about the new single, I was confuse, judging from the title it supposed to be down beat song but usually the title track is fierce one, so, how Blind Love will be?

Then, they did release ringtone for the song, well, it crazy!!! I just addict to the song until now.

Discussing about the MV, I, personally like the concept, silhouette and using the other character as background for the whole song, but I miss something there. They seems too focus on to Yonghwa which I am hardly to catch the other members especially Minhyuk. The case also for Jonghyun’s solo guitar, there was no chance to see it clearly.

Overall the MV telling exactly what the song delivered, it seems either CNBLUE or the girl stay inside each other mind. Blind Love lyric is about the one whom unable to move on and keep the love inside her/him even though they are already parting. Wonder if it Jonghyun’s self experience isn’t? well yeah it could be, since he ever revealed that sometimes he still remember his ex, but don’t know which one, he got 8 though, hahaha

Well, just enjoy the MV and take your guitar strumming along them and feel how emotional Yonghwa and Jonghyun are like I did once I listen to its ringtone. Ah, speaking about this, at first this song remind me about Japan in the fall but in the MV it was cherry blossoms who appearing instead! Yah now it is spring which best known for cherry blossoms seasons in Japan. And for those who unable to enjoy the beauty of cheery blossoms, just listen to this song once you are outside and playing your guitar under the blue sky.

Anyway, their voice success melting my ears 🙂

*my friend @riotanitnot, I borrow your idiom, kkkk CNLOVE = BLIND LOVE, love you <3*

Video credit warnermusicjapan

Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded