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CNBLUE, the charismatic rock band

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The Korean band’s enthusiastic performance had fans screaming for more as they wrapped up their first full-fledged concert in Singapore.

Playing to a high-energy crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night, CN Blue definitely did not disappoint when they promised to give fans the best time of their lives at the band’s first full-fledged concert in Singapore.

Consisting of members Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk, the Korean band kick-started their Blue Moon World Tour Live in Singapore concert with a series of rock songs such as “Where You Are”, “Get Away” and “One Time”.

The packed stadium roared alive when the members appeared on stage one by one with their instruments and shouted “Singapore!” The entire place was immediately transformed into a sea of blue lights as enthusiastic fans waved their blue light sticks high in the air throughout the night.

Despite a less-than-perfect sound system, the boys delivered an amazing all live performance and did a great job in heating up the atmosphere right from the start.

Leader and lead singer Yong Hwa as well as bassist Jung Shin had the crowd screaming with excitement each time they ran down the extended stage, getting up close with fans in the standing zone and showing off their guitar and bass skills.

After briefly introducing themselves, the quartet took a great deal of effort to interact with the fans, tickling the crowd with their adorable “Engrish”.

Female Boices (official fanclub name) went crazy as Jung Shin asked, “Do you want to go to my house in Korea”, while drummer Min Hyuk commented, “I want to live here, in Singapore! Singapore has nice scenery, good food”.

The boys then asked fans to recommend local delicacies, and fans unanimously shouted “chilli crab!” Displaying their cute charms, the boys imitated the way crabs moved their pincers with their fingers, while Yong Hwa remarked, “crab is here!”

They certainly have a sense of humour as well. Yong Hwa told fans that he has an English name – Dragon Flower (the literal translation of his Korean name) – and asked them if his hairstyle was nice when his hair was center-parted and soaked in sweat.

Showing off a softer side, CN Blue also performed a series of ballad songs including “Love Light” and “Y, why”. The simple acoustic guitar accompaniment complemented guitarist and vocalist Jong Hyun’s soothing voice perfectly, and Yong Hwa serenaded fans with his live keyboard performance.

During the song “Love Light”, fans turned on the torchlight function of their smart phones and swayed according to the beats, creating the effect of blinking stars.

Keeping the best for the last, the band brought their hit songs such as “In My Head”, “Intuition”, their classic debut track “I’m a Loner” as well as the title track “I’m Sorry” from their latest mini album “Re: BLUE” written and composed by Yong Hwa.

The excitement in the house was barely containable, with harmonious fan chants sounding as the entire audience rose to their feet, head-banging to the songs.

Responding to fans’ continuous shouts of encore and “CN Blue”, the band returned to the stage with a whopping five-song encore, including more of their hit songs like “Hey You”, “Love” and “Love Girl”.

Jung Shin surprised fans with his beautiful vocals when he sang the opening verse of “You’ve Fallen For Me”, the song from the popular Korean drama Heartstrings starring Yong Hwa. Fans might also expect to see Yong Hwa in a new drama soon, as he commented that he would like to make an acting comeback.

During the last song “Try Again, Smile Again”, Boices held up a sign that read “I’ve missed you” in Korean, since it had been two years since CN Blue last performed in Singapore.

Deeply touched, Yong Hwa reciprocated the fans’ love by taking a sign from a fan and holding it up while singing.

Not forgetting some fan service at the end of the concert, the members did a “catwalk” down the extended stage, giving handshakes and throwing towels and bottles of water that they just drank from.

And what better way express their thanks to the Singapore fans than to thank them in Singlish? Putting the Singlish that they were taught at the press conference the day before into good use, CN Blue said, “Thank you lah, Singapore”, “Tonight is wonderful lah”, ‘I love you lah’.

The night ended on a good note with Yong Hwa’s promise that “they will be back”, and we certainly hope it’s true.

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Article credit Teo Sijia
Photos: ONE Production
Video: Teng Siew Eng, Fiona Lin

Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded