A rockin’ good time with CNBLUE


They rocked it out in a sea of blue at their first solo concert in Singapore.

Kpop rock band CNBLUE charmed the 8000-strong crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night (13 Apr) with an electrifying performance, which we could say is one of the best Kpop gig so far this year!

Arriving in Singapore for the second stop of their “CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour” concert, the quartet, consisting of Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin, was in high spirits, and served out lots of fan service, including flying kisses from leader Yonghwa and sweet talk from all the other members.

The members took great effort to speak in English, albeit simple ones like “I love Singapore!”, “I want to be back!”, “You are the best!”. Drummer Minhyuk and bassist Jungshin even peppered their talks with Singlish, in all attempt to add an intimate touch to the concert – and that got fans screaming their lungs off the roof.

We are not exaggerating, but the atmosphere at the concert was tremendously amazing, thanks to the BOICEs (the affectionate name CNBLUE fans are known as).

CNBLUE brought the house down with a set of 23 songs, including their hit numbers “I’m A Loner”, “I’m Sorry”, “Hey You”, “LaLaLa” and “Intuition”.

Just 30-minutes into the show, Yonghwa was perspiring profusely on stage, and his hair in quite a mess. He pointed to his hair, and asked: “Is my hairstyle ok?” Fans did not mind that at all, and it was the performances of the night that really matter.

Yonghwa also showed us the comedic side of himself, revealing cute dance moves in between sets, and mimicking the voice of Homer Simpson, as he held on to the Simpson plush toys given by fans.

CNBLUE simply nailed it at their first full-fledged concert here, and the wait was worth it.

*For Video and more photos Blue Moon Singapore highlight go here*

Article Credit showbiz.omy.sg

Photo Credit One Production

Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded

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