korean tv drama jonghyun

ーDid you tried the auditions  7 times?

JH: I felt that the auditions might continue forever. A director and a scriptwriter were pleased with me, so what I had to do was to pass the camera test. I was told “You’re look like a Collin!” “I was expect your acting.” but at first I couldn’t do acting well. So I continue to try for 2 months.

ーAt that time, it said that you had shown your rejection more and more?

JH: Yes I was. Ppreviously I was afraid of acting, I didn’t even challenge. because I failed audition for many times, I became to show rejection. When I received the news that I pass audition, I was really happy.

ーYou usually have Pusan accent, how could you get rid the accent until you have started to film?

JH: It’s possible to do everything, by continue to put pressure on myself. When I took an audition, I still have my accent. Of course now, too. I meant standard language, but it heard an accent for others. I keep putting pressure on me, naturally I could speak standard language. CNBLUE members think “if you had got rid Pusan accent, you wouldn’t have had a hard time.”

ーYou felt the pressure, so you cut your sleeping time off, practiced acting hard.

JH: I had been nervous from start ’till the end. Because first time I do acting I am working with famous actors, I couldn’t be convinced. It was getting more interesting for me to act, starting about episodes 14th. I was looking forward to reading new scenario, as if I read comics.

ーCollin was born under helpless destiny, could you understand his feeling?

JH: When I was young, I had lived in Japan for 4 years. on that point, I experienced the situation similar to Collin’s, so I could understand roughly. when I couldn’t understand, I tried to accept the situation as you are.

ーYou were told “you’re resemble to Jang Donggeon, how did you feel?

JH: I was happy. It was a rare chance. First, person who knew Collin is Dojin’s son was only me, so when people asked me “do you know Jang Donggeon’s son?”, I answered “You can look at me.” as a joke.

ーAmong those 4 main characters, who do you want one to be your real father?

JH: Dojin. on his character, he is the coolest.Of course I like Daesan and Yoon, Collin loves Meari on his side, Daesan shouldn’t be my father. If Jongrook is my father.. certainly I mind it.. haha In fact I want to learn more from Jang Donggun. He has his own atmosphere different from the others.

korean tv drama jonghyun2

ーI heard you were looked after by Jang Donggun, do you still keep in touch with him?
JH: Of course. I’m going to meet him next week. He always praised me  “Good job” I was given energy by his word. I started to had fun when we were filming 6th episodes .

CNBLUE is quartet similar to Dojins, have you ever talked anything with members when you watch the drama?

JH: We were talked “We’re want to get older like them” sometime. We’re associate as if we’re them.. Yonghwa hyung is Dojin, I’m Taesan, Minhyuk is Yoon, Jungshin is Jongrook. Does Jungshin agree? There is nothing for it, he is maknae, so he has to follow what hyungs say.

ーUsually what kind of son are you at home?

JH: I’m blunt, but I try to call to my parents as much as possible these days. Previously, once or twice in a month, now, once or twice in a week. They were pleased for me to be broadcasted in the drama. I noticed not only to earn money and give it to them but it’s more a filial piety.

ーCollin is a hidden key person, so did you felt worth acting more?

JH: It’s difficult character. I propose  Collin  worse man than his real a scriptwriter had written in scenario, so some people may hate Collin. A scriptwriter said “You had better act just as a scenario. Trust me.” so I acted quite bad man.

ーThe singing scene and  Japanese speaking, a scriptwriter wrote for you too?

JH: Collin was such a character “he lived in America or Japan and can sing and plays the guitar, what is more he is foreigner “. I work in Japan, can speak Japanese and play the guitar and look like a foreigner, so a director and a scriptwriter thought “You match Collin!” At first when I heard the Japanese line, I was glad, but it wasn’t easy. I asked Japanese friend working as an actor to record my line, I practiced by listening to it. To be honest, I practiced hard, but I couldn’t do perfect. If I did shoot without practice, I may cause a serious situation.. haha

Your solo OST” My Love” is got a OST award at Seoul music award.

JH: I caught  two hares (it was wise word , if you’re after two hares, you won’t get neither but  Jonghyun said that he was get the two hares. Maybe he was refer to his achievement in A Gentleman Dignity that he was achieved two things in the same times which is impossible), so I was lucky. While this drama was broadcasted, everyone around me use My Love as their ringtone. I heard it in a city and I could listen to it on the air, so I felt so good.

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ーHow did you feel for the singing  scene with your own accompaniment at Hongdae?

JH: It was hard, but I didn’t feel any tiredness. I didn’t feel hot, too. The energy was welled up. It’s rare to meet a great work, being loved by many people, sell a solo song. I’m really lucky and can’t believe it even now.

ーYou loved Meari on your side in this drama, actually what is your ideal type?
JH: It changes as time goes on. While drama filming I like a strong-minded woman like Park Minsook (Jongrook’s wife), but now I like a woman who believe me and understand my work, watch over me affectionately.

ーYoon Jinyi as Meari and Kim Woobin as Donghyub are same generation, did you encourage each other?

JH: I call Woobin once in a week, if we have a time, we will meet. Without him, maybe I can’t finish this work. Another sungbae touch me friendly, but I was nervous. But thanks for Woobin, I could relax at the scene, I could go to filming the scene as if I go to play. Woobin became popular in “School 2013″. I was sure he will go well. He’s very cool.

ーMany people said Collin and Donghyub are well-matched couple.

JH: Each character became popular, a scriptwriter thought we love each other.. haha I keep in touch with the other casts.

ーWhat is a gentleman’s dignity do you think?

JH: My motto, goal, and dream is to get older in a cool way. I don’t mean young guy with a good look and work smartly. I think great middle-aged man who is bright when he can do his share and does his best. I know I have to make an effort from start to the end, I live as  I can every day. I had recorded the song written by myself (Blind Love) just before this interview.

ーThe latest song,  Blind Love is like spring, the songs written by you and has soft melody and lovely.

JH: Please except Blind Love!! I have composed songs since before, I’m making new song now and writing lyrics is my work, and hobby, my specialty. I like singing, but making is better. I felt so when I look Yonghwa hyung singing. Of course singing on the stage has attraction might many people don’t know.

ーWhat is music for you?

JH: Music makes me bright. I’m coolest when I make songs playing the guitar and singing. I want to live so for now on. Oh! I’ll act, too! I want to continue acting, I noticed an interesting work haha Someday, If CNBLUE members act as main character in each other drama, It’s amazing, isn’t it? Like this, I want to act as a band loved by everyone. I’m sure to do so.

ーFirst World Tour will start from April. How is your fervour?

JH: I play music, all for CNBLUE. The band goes well, and I can succeed, I think  that stuff only . World Tour is the same. After we finish it, we’ll how much we growing up, that is my expectation , prepare the tour. In every concerts, we get a lot of thing, for my life and music. So we expect quite a lot for this time, too. Fans said “The point of watching your concert is you growing up every times”. We do World Tour for the first time so I don’t know well. We are  aiming to a big leap, please look forward to it.

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