Jungshin vs The Dog, Which is The Winner?

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화보 촬영장에서 만난 정신이의 귀여운 친구를 소개합니다~ ^.^ 정신이와 강아지의 귀여움 대결 과연… 승자는?! http://t.co/F04nTaKJih

Trans: We are introduce Jungshin’s cute friend we met at filming location~^.^ What becomes of cuteness showdown of Jungshin and the dog.. Which is the winner?!


Omg can you see how cute both of them????? The dog even know how to pretend dies while Jungshin acted to shoot him >.<

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Trans by May @cnboice

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MBC Section TV Star-ting : CNBLUE Attack School

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Minhyuk: It’s been a long time since I went to the high school.

Yonghwa: How should we get in quietly?

Jungshin: What about wearing uniform?

Yonghwa: There must be a back door at this school, such as for the cafeteria. It seems the right place.

Narration: This is where CNBLUE will hold a Star-ting today. I needed to rush, so I got in their car.

MC: We don’t have time. Are you ready for today? Within 9 minutes, its break time. Then the school will get messy, like a war. If you bump into a student, keep a secret.

cnb mbc tv section7

Narration: For Star-ting, CNBLUE should reach to their first destination. To go there, we have to pass this stairs. But if we meet students, we fail. We have to go quietly, more carefully than any other time. For the success, butt dance once more.

MC: This is where students pass by all day long. If we make any sound, all of them will come out. Uh! Hide!

Narration: With trembling heart, we try second entering. But there were students who were moving for the practical class. Step back again.

Jungshin: Uh there are students!

Narration: In spite of our recklessness, we were spotted. Before we’re spotted by more students, we should get there more quickly. After hardness, finally we could reach at the preparation room. Over there is the assembly hall, here is the preparation room.

MC: What are you worrying the most?

Minhyuk: The two girls who saw us.

MC: Two girls, I’m worried too. They even took video by their phone. I saw one of our staff went to them bringing a heavy stick. I will get in first to entertain them. What character do you want to be?

Yonghwa: Foreigner transfer students.

Jonghyun: From France, France.

MC: French transfer students. One two three fighting!

Narration: They are busy doing rehearsal of their performance. I greeted them with my dance.

MC: Hello everyone, Section TV. Nice to meet you, I came here for the poll about your future job, to check what type of job is most wanted. Can I ask what your dream is?

Boy1 : A movie actor.

MC: A movie actor. You guys are majoring acting, many of you are dreaming of movie actors. Four French students come here as exchange students. So I’d like to try a class with them. Shall we call them shouting ‘Bon Jour’? One two three Bon Jour!

Naration: Star-ting with attractive CNBLUE. 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second. Yes it is. They are CNBLUE. Four men appeared. The class became riot.

cnb mbc tv section5

Jungshin: Hi I am Lee Jungshin.

Jonghyun: Hi I am Lee Jonghyun.

Yonghwa: Hi I am Jung Yonghwa.

Minhyuk: Hi I am Kang Minhyuk.

MC: Section prepared a sudden meeting with stars, Star-ting! Who are here!?

Students : CNBLUE !

Narration: One beat break, two beat break, three beat break then one two three four!

Yonghwa: You are darling~ (Love light)

MC: You are majoring acting; shall I see your instant acting?

Girl1 : Me, a toilet cleaning!

MC: What acting do you want to do?

Girl1 : He proposes to me.[embarrassed]

MC: Are you OK? Who will do? Wow Jungshin!

Narration: Yes. A boyfriend is late for the appointment, and he proposes to his girl friend.

MC: Ready! Action!

Narration: Master of detailed acting Jungshin, first start with back hug. Can you see those envious eyes of countless girls? Do you envy her? All of them are envious of this proposal story, what is the ending?

cnb mbc tv section10

[ Did I… save my country at my previous life?]

Jungshin: Oppa is late. Sorry.

Girl1 : Why did you come late?

Jungshin: I’m sorry. Are you angry?

Narration: Suddenly, bullies of this town appear.

Yonghwa: Hey, nice view.

Girl1: Oppa, I’m scared.

Minhyuk: Is she your girl friend?

Jungshin: She’s my… mom.

[It ended warmly (?)]

MC: This time, I will give you the story. Song Hye Gyo who can’t see…

Narration: From a recent drama, Song Hye Gyo who can’t see measured Jo In Sung’s height by her hand like this.

MC: That girl kept shouting at me. Romance specialist Jung Yonghwa, come out. [Romance specialist Jung Yonghwa acts Jo In Sung’s role.]

Narration: Yonghwa lies down for the acting.

Girl2 : How many spans my oppa is?

Narration: As the acting starts, her hand climbs up without hesitating toward the center. No! Stop! No way! Song Hye Gyo measured beside him. Hey girl, Stop there! No! [Where are you going? Stops her!]

Girl2 : (Passion toward acting?) I must complete it.

Yonghwa: I feel very awkward.

MC: Let’s invite a boy student. Come out! What acting can you do the best?

Boy2: I can act everything well.

Girls: Something naughty! Naughty!

[How will it be, the acting of Minhyuk and this naughty boy?]

Minhyuk: Hi. How have you been?

Boy2: Minhyuk, I’ve once told you that I have someone I like.

Minhyuk: Yes. I am very curious. Who is she? Tell me. I will listen to your worry. (Kiss to Minhyuk’s hand)

Minhyuk: We are friends. What’s wrong between friends? (Father comes)

MC: You said you would bring your girl friend. Where is your girl friend?

Boy2: This is whom I said to you before

.Narration: This boy’s detailed hand acting surprised all the students. What is it? He touched it! He rubbed it! With this boy’s detailed hand acting, the Star-ting ended.

MC: It’s time to end.

Jungshin: I saw your acting, you are very good at acting, I hope I can see you later at the broadcasting stations.

Minhyuk: I am very glad to meet these energetic high schoolers, but maybe boy students feel bored now.

Boy2: No! I like it!

Minhyuk: Yes. I like you.

[Time to get questions from students]

cnb mbc tv section14

MC: ‘Thanks to hyungs, I didn’t need to split my legs at dance class. Thanks.’ ‘Jungshin oppa, you are so handsome. Thanks for letting us skip dance class.’

Jonghyun: They don’t like dance class.

MC: They don’t. I will pass these papers to the dance teacher.

Yonghwa: (Jungshin is) is he really handsome?

MC: ‘What do you do with four men?’

Yonghwa: We watch TV, music shows. If girl groups appear, we chat about girl groups. Now we are doing world tour, we came back from concert in Taiwan. This week, we go to Singapore. We don’t have time to play outside.

MC: How is the response of foreign concerts?

Yonghwa: It’s nothing big. Just 11, 000 seats of Taiwan concert were sold out in 40 minutes.

Jungshin: And I don’t want to mention this tiny thing but Hong Kong wanted one more concert.

Minhyuk: To Australia, we will go to let you hear our music.

MC: ‘I was standing in front of Yeoido KBS, Jonghyun oppa passed by me staring at me. Please apologize me later.’

Jonghyun: I apologize you now. If I walk with blank face, people think I stare at them. I just see them like this (flash!) they think I stare at them.

Yonghwa: You’re correct, he stared at you.

MC: Next is the strongest question. ‘Have you ever dashed (proposed) to a girl group?’

Jungshin: I’ve never been dashed and never dashed. Because I am pure.

Yonghwa: He may get a proposal of CF of pimple medicine?

MC: He squeezes pimples by the shoulder. What girl group is the closest with CNBLUE?

(Minhyuk sighs)

MC: Let’s make the sigh the answer. OK then we needs to revise CNBLUE’s ideal girls 2013.

Jungshin: Lee Boyoung sunbaenim. On TV, she looks feminine; actually she is casual and has good personality.

[Yonghwa and Minhyuk goose bumped]

Jungshin: ‘Nuna, everytime I was asked my ideal girl, I say your name. I’m sorry.’

[I’m sorry because I love you.]

Jonghyun: Jeon Jihyun sunbaenim.

cnb mbc tv section20

MC: What of hers is your favorite?

Jonghyun: All~

MC: Ms. Jeon Jihyun is married, so the video letter is illegal.

Yonghwa: I’m Kim Yuna only. She shows charisma and wonderful figure on the ice.

MC: You like her leggings style.

Minhyuk: I like person who is like the boy Jonghyuk, that type of personality.

MC: You like man?

Minhyuk: Yes. NO!

Jungshin: Sometimes when I have a meal with Minhyuk, he shows strange eye light.

Narration: By the way, For the first Korean band, CNBLUE are doing a world tour. Because of these fans, the airport was paralyzed. World tour first concert was in Taiwan, the whole tickets were sold out early. CNBLUE showed the best performance, fascinated more than 10,000 audience. They could get a good reputation from foreign countries. Thank you!

MC: CNBLUE built a school with your profit.

Jungshin: We built a CNBLUE school at Burkina Faso.

Yonghwa: The name of the school is CNBLUE.

MC: The name is CNBLUE School? Then the class bell sound is ‘do it do it do it now~’?

Yonghwa : I composed and wrote lyric of the school song and I presented it. Even though we built a school, many children can’t enter the school yet.

Minhyuk: Our fans are participating. Anyone can join. If you join us, we can build more schools.

MC: What will CNBLUE look like in distant future?

Jonghyun: We will be the same, only our hair will get grey.

MC: The same with grey hair only?

Yonghwa : I will dye. (No grey hair!)

Minhyuk: In distant future, we go tour with our families. We travel all over the world with our families; we sing and perform live in front of fans. It must be great. There will be no happier thing than that.

[May that dream come true…]

MC: Please say a closing comment to section TV viewers.

Yonghwa: Today, especially Jungshin will do. He is very good at closing. Q !!

Jungshin: Dear Section TV viewers! Did you enjoy today?

Narration: What is he doing? What is he doing now?

Yonghwa: I will do it.

Jungshin: Why did you let me do!

Yonghwa: We are doing a world tour, please support us.

Minhyuk: In May, we have concert in Korea.

Yonghwa: We ask a lot of love from you.

MC: It was CNBLUE!

[Cheerful and nice four men]

cnb mbc tv section27

Trans credit Saturnkr

Photo Credit hanlim 2009

Caps by DNBLUE

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @bpb decoded