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Kang Minhyuk

A multi talent who attracts people not only by music but also acting.

Sekwang is smart and tall, a reliable man as a boyfriend. But he is a maknae who can’t oppose his sister. CNBLUE drummer Kang Minhyuk created the lovely character. He is still a new face as an actor. He naturally acted contrast character compared to a single-minded boy in previous drama ‘Heartstrings’ more than everyone’s has expected.


Changed into a ‘Bad man’.

He was influence his action by the other members (CNBLUE).

ーHow did you finish shooting the long home drama that extended for over 7 months?
MH: Our drama has 57 episodes, I acted with nice actors for a long time, so I was comfortable and we became like a real family. I could relax when I acted and I had no difficulties during shooting.

ーIs it any difference from ‘Heartstrings’?
MH: Simple, It was (My Husband Got a Family) weekend drama and the previous one (Heartstring) was mini series. And I acted only as a cute character in ‘Heartstrings’ , but this time, I could show you my several face. I showed a lot of usual me.  This time when I acted I had a bit difficulties (regarding his character that quite opposite with his real personality) this point is most different. As for the similarity, both drama had mild atmosphere.

ーAt first, Sekwang was a bad man who tempts women on purpose for his friend. How did you try to express it?
MH: To be honest, I’m worried because I don’t know how to be a bad man. CNBLUE members burst out into laughing when they heard I will act as a bad man… so I studied and discussing with scriptwriter. And I synchronized the timing with Malsook, so then I could express the hidden things of me.

ーWho was burst out into laughing the most?
MH: All of them. hahaha  Sometimes we’re monitoring each others act. They will say nothing when someone acts well, but when they find the strange part, they will make fun. And they start to imitate it. They’ll imitate as soon as  they find such a part.

ーWhat about this time?
MH: On the opening of this drama, I had the scene that I raise my hand saying ‘I am!’ at a club. Usually when people raise their hand, they stand all of their fingers. In my case, they said I raised only my 3 fingers, thumb, index finger, and middle finger and it looked like a  bird’s paw! I  continuously to deny it , they didn’t believe me. Finally, they updated its cap picture in our messenger, and when I saw it, it’s really looked like a  bird’s paw.. Even now they still make fun on me because of this.

ーAt the beginning Sekwang was tempted Malsook on purpose for revenge, gradually he really loves Malsook. Actually, is your ideal type a woman like Malsook?
MH: She is cheerful and active. I think she is very cute. She is a little hatred and acts irresponsibility, but I’ll get over her personality if I like her, haha.

ーWhat is the secret to have  someone’s heart like Sekwang?
MH: If I have a girlfriend, I make efforts as possible as I can and try to express all of my feelings. I will call  or spend time just to eat with her. I’ll express all of my feeling without controlling.

ーPreviously, you said you’ll do your best for her more than Gwinam if you have a girlfriend, didn’t you?
MH: I do everything when I interest in something. And Gwinam in drama expresses all of them directly. I have a confident about such things! I wish I would have my girlfriend. hahaha

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Very nervous at  first kiss scene.


ーHow do you opposed to keep company with your lover?
MH: It’s a problem and I have thinking back again. I tried to persuade my family in drama, but I have to think over in reality. I’m sure they have  reasons to oppose our marriage. But I let members know if I have a girlfriend in the first place.


ーWhich scene do you have a deep impression?
MH: Kiss scene under the umbrella. It’s my first to have such a scene  since I started to act, I felt ‘I’m cool’ when I watched it on TV! It left a good impression on my mind.


ーNow, all of CNBLUE members work  not only as musician but an actor. Did you receive any advise from other members?
MH: Yonghwa hyung works as an actor longer than I do. But… his kiss scene…kkk In that scene, I thought it’s only acting, there  just as scenario. In fact I was very nervous, I put our lips closely rather than I acted with my heart.


ーSekwang is attractive man, how about you?
MH: In members, I’m maknae, so I sometimes depend on others, I don’t do like in drama. I worried about how to try to please, but when I went to the shooting destination, I could do smoothly! I’m youngest of all (among My Husband Got Family casts), other actors loved me, so I could act naturally. I felt a little shy, but I was Okay, sometimes I’ll talk to  Yunie nuna or mother (his mother on drama).


ーWhat do you think if you have a strong sister like Yunie?
MH: Yunie gets angry with me, and sometimes spoils me. Her action has love to brother, she always supports him behind. I’m happy if I have such a sister. Of course I was slapped in drama. hahaha


ーWere you scared in the scene you were slapped?
MH: Not at all. Namjoo is tender, so she can’t slap strongly. She worried about me, finally I asked her ‘I’m ok, so please slap’. We could enjoy shooting.


ーWhat did you think you acted with other actors?
MH: First, I felt a lot of  pressure, but I didn’t want to trouble them, so I always practiced hard the day before. They encouraged me so warmly on the location, and I appreciate  them for it. They treat me like real brother or son. I enjoyed shooting very much.


ーWho supported you about acting the most?
MH: um…… I was maknae in set (among those casts), so all of them concerned me warmly. I was helped by Namjoo and Yoon Jungsan.

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I’ll show you cool us at World Tour!


ーWhat word were you impressed the best from co-worker’s as advise?
MH: I was given ‘You did well, so act like now without thinking too serious.’ When I was anxious. I remember when script-reading meeting. I’m originally shy, so I was embarrassed acting at the place where there no camera. I felt so nervous, but I gradually became calm because other actors relaxed and read scenario. Thanks for them.


ー It was funny a tutor Sekwang and a student Janggun give and take. Did you have many NG?
MH: We were never have NG which cause of our laughing. For let audience laugh, I think we have to control to act naturally. Dongyeon who acted Janggun and I practiced many times, so we were a perfect pair. I concentrated to express impatience when I teach Janggun who is slow on the uptake.


ーPlease advise how to study to the student fans.
MH: Advise? I give an advise? oh… I think the result of school exam is in proportion quantity of studying. School exam is decided by general range. If you’re well study at the school, you can have  high score.


ーCNBLUE member, Lee Jungshin acted a man who wants to be an actor in ‘My daughter, Seoyeong’, He had the scene he practiced Sekwang’s word. Did you watch it?
MH: I watched it, but I was amazed. hahaha It was strange for me, Sekwang was presented by audience like that. In fact, I didn’t know that scene, I knew when I watched the drama. We don’t give an advise each other. In the Jungshin’s case, I checked his lines few times, and I told him ‘It’s important to stay relax’. Maybe we haven’t talked about drama we appeared.


ーRecently, your video playing the drum became a topic, can we directly see you like that at the world tour?
MH: I don’t know camera will be set before drum. Maybe you can see  me at our live in Seoul on May. We will go to many countries, the atmosphere will be different on each countries. We’ll show you cool us at each concerts!


ー5th single ‘Blind Love’ will be released on 24 April. What kind of song is it?
MH: This song is composed by Jonghyun hyung. We have let you listen to Yonghwa’s songs who powerful and sparkled with wit until now. But this song is like spring. I think we can show you Jonghyun’s song to be more coloring J-pop taste. It’s new challenge for us, so please listen to it!


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